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How To Get And Find The Best Vacation Deals

March 22, 2012

7 Methods That Bring About The Best Vacation Deals

Best Travel Deals


Cruising is really one of the best ways to get the best travel deals available, as you can literally get a cruise ticket for under $100 a night, which includes all 3 meals! Cruise lines also offer you shore excursions which are tings to do when the ship docks at the ports along the way, which there are a myriad of different activities offered at some of the most famous tourist attractions, which cruise lines are in cahoots with these tourist attrcations and can get better deals on them then one coule get if they booked seperately. This will give you a chance to get the best travel deals on every part of your getaway. Even better travel deals on cruises result from booking early, like 6 to 12 months before, as well as during the months of Janurary to early March as these months offer the best travel deals for cruise tickets.


Travel agencies can also provide you with some of the best travel discounts on the market, which they mostly book vacation packages which can allow you to bundle your whole vacation together and know exactly what you are going to be spending, which is always much cheaper than buying everything seperate. Just remember for your lodging, to get a place with a kitchen so you can cook your meals yourself and not have to eat out at pricey diners.


Make a list of the top 3 to 5 destinations you really want to visit, then compare vacation prices on all of them, then you can pick the one that providers you with the cheaest travel deal.


Go to a place where the the currency used in your state is worth more than the value of the dollar that is used at the destination. This will allow you to get the best travel deals on everything that ecompasses your vacation as your dollar will go further on everything you purchase.


Cheap vacation deals also come from visiting a place that is either less popular or visiting in the off-season, or both if possible.


The best travel deals can also be created from staying in a place that offers cheaper lodging, like for example staying in a hostel which offer super cheap prices, under 25 dollars per person in most places as well as many of them are in prime locations.


Some of the best travel deals are are also obtained by being a member of a vacation club, which yes they do come with a yearly membership, but say even if you had to spend $500 a year on membership fees, but saved $1000 per vacation then it would be well worth your money. Considering that the average family takes 2 vacations per year, being a member of a vacation club can bring you very big savings on your vacation.


If you happen to go through any website on the web that claims to offer the best vacation deals, make sure they offer a guaranteed deal, which if they don’t then move onto the next.


Las Vegas also offers some of the best vacation deals, especially on the lodging, as you can stay in some of the finest resorts in all of Las Vegas for as little as $40 a night as they are hoping you spend all your money at the casinos! If you are not a big gambler but like to have fun, there is plently to do in Las Vegas besides just gambling, like award winning shows, themepark rides and more.


You can also get on newsletter lists of different travel sources, like cruise lines and flight companies and more who send out emails every so often on some of the best vacation deals that they offer, which you can take advantage of them by signing up on these email lists of free.

Cheap Caribbean Vacation Packages – 7 Tried & True Methods

March 7, 2012

Cheap Caribbean Vacation Packages

Cheap Bahama Vacations


1. )  One of the most sure fired ways of getting cheap Caribbean vacation packages is to go on a cruise, as you can get a tropical Caribbean vacation for under $100 a night that includes food! Not only will you get a cheap Caribbean vacation package by booking a cruise, you will also get to experience various locations in the Caribbean unlike a traditional vacation where you are stuck at one spot the entire extent of your trip. Cruise lines also offer shore excursions that can consists of anything from scuba diving and helicopter tours to horseback riding and deep sea fishing, which the shore excursions options are literally endless. Cruise lines that offer great cheap Caribbean vacation packages include; Norwegian Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruises, Carnival Cruise Lines as well as Disney Cruise Lines.

Email Lists

2.)  The next method that should be utilized that has equated to cheap Caribbean vacation packages is getting on e-newsletters or email lists of many travel providers like cruise lines, resorts, travel bargain sites and more which they usually will offer you an option to select what you are looking out of your vacation, which you can select everything that applies to the Caribbean. Often times these sites will send out cheap vacation packages offers to their mail list before anyone else knows about them, letting you obtain a cheap caribbean vacation package first before they are all picked out.

Weaker Currency

3.)  Another method that can equate in very cheap vacation packages is to visit a spot in the Caribbean where the US dollar is worth more than the curreny they use. The US dollar is usually worth about 2 times more in Eastern Caribbean locations like Antigua and Dominica, which can allow you to get a cheap Caribbean vacation package in which you can save money on all parts of your vacation as your dollar will go further than it would in the states, no matter what you are buying.

Grand Resort & Spa

4.)  The Grand Resort & Spa in Kingston Jamaica offers you the opportunity to get cheap Caribbean vacation packages in the form of up to 60% off if you book your flight at the same time, as well as offer free lodging for kids 12 and under, so this can be a great spot for taking the whole clan with you!


5.)  As far as other lodging options go, you can always consider utilizing different styles of lodging, like camping or staying at a hostel where you can stay for as low as $15 a night, like at National Park Backpackers in Costa Rica which puts you right in the middle of Manuel Antonio National Park for as little as $15.77 a night. You can also consider staying just outside popular cities where lodging prices are a lot lower, but stilll close to the big city where you want to be for most of your trip.

Travel Agent

6.)  Cheap Caribbean vacation packages can also be attained by visiting a travel agent, who can get you deals on anything from airfare, lodging, activities, rental cars and more. You can also go to a specialized travel agents, say one that has a main focus of booking cruises, if you want to go on a cruise, as they will offer the best deals because that is all they do, making them very networked with most all cruise lines.

Can Cun

7.)  Okay, not quite the Caribbean but if you go to the Yucatan Peninsula it overlooks the Caribbean! This cheap Carribean vacation packages alternative offers super cheap loding and a myriad of different incredible activities, such as racing exotic cars, dolphin cruises, golf, check out the ruins, deep sea fishing and more. You can even consider an all inclusive spot which the Le Blanc Spa & Resort offers all inclusive stays, which can save you very big!

The last tip that we can give you when searching for cheap Caribbean vacation packages is to both book early as well as book in the off-season, which in the Caribbean the off-season tends to be from late April to early December.

How To Get Disney World Vacation Packages Cheap – 9 Methods

February 8, 2012

Disney World Vacation Packages Cheap

Disney World Vacation Packages Cheap

You can find Disney World vacation packages cheap but you need to know the methods that yeald these cheap packages, which is where we come in. We have for you a myraid of diffent ways to get discount Disney World vacation pacakges, that offer the same amount of fun just at a lower cost!

  1. Going to a travel agency can provide cheap Disney World vacation packages if you go to the right one, as you will want to find one that has a specialty of booking vacations for travlers going to Disney World. This can bring about cheap vacations on all aspects of your trip, which if you want to make sure you are getting the best deal, you can visit multiple traveling agencies and compare prices of all of them and go with the cheapest price offered.
  2. Off-season travel is one of the most sure fired ways of getting Disney World vacation packages cheap, so if you can be flexible in when you are willing to do your traveling, it can work to your advantage.
  3. Signing up for e-newsletters provided by various providers specifically for Disney World can bring about  Disney World vacation packages cheap. These are email news send outs where if your email address is on their database then you will be notified of special promotions and deals, often times before anyone else knows about them.
  4. Consider staying somewhere near the Lake Buena Vista which can offer lower prices than the high tourist prices offered in Orlando. You can also consider staying in cheaper lodging locations like hostels, bed and breakfasts, motels among others, which it is highly suggested that you book lodging with a kitchen as you can cook your own meals as well as pack your own lunches to eat at the theme park.
  5. Keep on the look out for TV advertisements as often times there are Disney World vacation packages cheap offered on the TV which you can call in and book your trip for the price advertised.
  6. Also check your rewards points program on your credit card if your have one as you may have enough points racked up in your backoffice to be able to get pay for a Disney vacation package.
  7. Disney World packages are offered in all shapes and sizes, which when going through a provider that offers Disney World vacation packages cheap, you can check prices on all the things you want it to include then search online for providers that provide everything the vacation package would offer and see if better prices come from buying seperately from the package provider.
  8. Craigslist can be another awesome place to look for cheap Disney World vacation packages as often times people end up not being able to go on their vacation and sell packages for half off or even less. If you opt to use this method, make sure you are doing business with someone local so you can verify if the package is legitimate, which you can call the provider of the package that they booked it with and verify if it is real before buying it from them,
  9. Lastly Disney World vacation packages cheap can come from contacting Disney World directly can bring about great deals, which one can get by ASKING, as you never know what they will say if you ask them for a better deal. If you are looking to go on longer trips like 5 or more days, many of the Disney resorts like the All-Star Disney resorts often provides a free nights stay.


How To Get Very Cheap Vacation Packages

February 7, 2012

Cheap Vacation Packages

Cheap Vacation Packages

The first thing to keep in mind when searching for cheap vacation packages is to stay flexible when it comes to the itinerary of the trip, as having an open mind on when you allow your vacation to be can open up very big savings. This can mean traveling in the off-season which isn’t always a bad as this is the time where there will be the least amount of tourists, leaving you with a more stree free getaway. Below are even more ways that you can utilize when looking for cheap vacation pagckages.

  1. One of the most sure fired ways of getting a discount vacation packages is to book through a travel agent, but not any travel agent, on that specializes in what you want to do. Per say if you are looking to go on a cruise, find a travel agent that specializes in booking cruises as they will not only be able to get you a deal on the cruise but everything else that encompasses a cruise vacation. A travel agent will also show you other towns and cities you can stay in that are close to where you want to vacation but cost a lot less for lodging. You can also employ the services of multiple agents and go with the one who provides the best deal. Agents can also advise you on weather patterns that can develop where you want to go, and keeping you from booking a vacation during these times avoiding your from taking a wet vacation.
  2. Consider traveling somewhere where the US dollar is worth more than the dollar there. By using this method you can literally get cheap vacation packages that are not cheap at all, as they can bring luxury living and vacation activities that cost a fraction compared to what you would pay in the US.
  3. Cheap vacation packages can also come in the form of going all-inclusive, but you may even be able to find better deals by finding out what the all inclusive package is and all it includes that checking prices seperately for all the the vacation included to verify if the best prices is coming from the all inclusive package.
  4. Cheap vacation packages can also come with traveling on a train instead of a plane.
  5. Rember to ask about discounts that inolve things like your profession, age, goups, singles, couples, honeymoons or basically anything that may apply to your personal situation.
  6. Consider staying in different types of lodging like bed and breakfasts, camping, hostels, etc. Also booking a place with a full size kitchen can allow you to cook meals in your room instead of paying the high restaurant prices.
  7. Signing up for travel e-newsletters can bring cheap vacation packages as there are a host of different airlines, cruise lines, resorts and more that offer these e-newsletters in which they advertise deals and discounts to their email list before they advertise it anywhere.
  8. Holiday clubs can also bring your cheap vacations, which you can become a member of and be notified of deals on all different types of vacations. Often times you can become a member for free.
  9. Check your rewards program points on your credit card if you have one. Rewars points can add up quick which your account may just have enough to pay for your flight, hotel or even the whole trip!
  10. The last way to save over and above getting on cheap vacation packages is that wherever the vacation ends up taking you, leave your credit card at home. This can mean just traveling with cash, budgeting what you are going to spend and bringing just enough to cover that budget, or if you aren’t comfortable traveling with cash, then you can consider opening up a debit account putting the amount of cash in the account that you budgeted for your vacation.



How To Get Very Cheap Vacation Deals

February 1, 2012

Cheap Vacation Deals

Cheap Vacation Deals

Cheap vacation deals can start with lodging in the right place, which cheap lodging can be found in bed and breakfasts, campsites which offer cabins as well, hostels and more. You can also consider traveling in groups, housesitting for a friend, traveling in the off season, all inclusive packages or even taking the training to cut traveling expenses. But the savings don’t stop here as there are a myriad of other different methods that can help you save big, which we have compiled a list of a host of methods you can use to get the cheapest vacation deal possible!

Methods That Create Cheap Vacation Deals

Currency – Go somewhere where the US dollar is worth more than the currency that is used there, which some great spots where this is the case are; Mexico, Nepal, Greece, Ireland, Mexico and more. This is seriously the most sure fired way to find the best deals on vacations, where you pay a fraction of the price on every aspect of your vacation like lodging, activities and food compared to what you would pay in the states.

Vegas – Cheap vacation deals can also be found by traveling to Las Vegas as the luxury resorts charge virtually nothing for their nightly fees as they are hoping that you spend all of your money in the casinos. Which if you aren’t a big gambler, then you can spend you money on other forms of entertainment like the award winning shows, riding the rides on top of the Stratosphere, taking tours and getting your tan on at the pool and hot tub!

Travel Agencies – Cheap vacation deals can also be found through travel agancies, but the thing with finding the best deals is to find a travel agency the specializes in what your vacation is going to consist of, like for example if you are going on a cruise, find a travel agent that specializes in booking cruises. Speaking of cruises, they can be a great way to enjoy a cheap vacation and get an experience of some of the most beautiful exotic locations. You can also employ 3 or 4 different travel agencies and go with the one that offers you the best deals. Also ask your agent to tell them that you are a VIP customer as this can help get you cheap vacation packages as well as upgrades. You can also note what deals the travel agency can get you on your trip and all it includes, like for example check the price of your flight and then check with airlines to find out if they can beat this price.

Promo Codes – No matter where you are going or what type of lodging your are going to be using, search for promo codes for them. Like for example if you are looking to stay at one of the Disney resorts, search the internet for “Disney resorts promo codes”. You can also use this method for your plane tickes and even activities that you are looking to do on your trip.

Credit Cards – If your credit card provider offers rewards programs, check your travel points! You may be able to use these points to get your airfare paid for or even pay for your lodging.

Staying Closeby – Staying in a popular tourist town will naturally bring higher prices in pretty much every aspect of ones getaway, but if you would be willing to consider staying in a town that is near the town you want to spend most of your time at, you can result in a cheaper vacation and either rent a car, take the bus or walk to where you want to be.

Lodging – When you are booking your lodging, do your best that either offers a full size kitchen that allows you to shop for your meals and cook them in the room, and/or offers at least one meal that is included.

Ask – By asking and even negotiating, you can get cheap vacation deals which are deals that they may not have even told you about before.




Cheap Vacation Destinations – 4 Great Spots

December 10, 2011

Cheap Vacation Destinations

Cheap Vacation Destinations

Destin Florida – Destin is one of the least popular locations in Florida, meaning lower prices as well as less tourists compared to spots like Miami Beach or Tampa. The city itself actually sits right between the Choctawhatchee Bay and the Gulf of Mexico offering stunning tropical ocean views as well as lush native terrain. You can also get all inclusive deals at the Seascape Resort, located right on the beach in Destin.

Prague, Czech Republic – This spot offers an excellent location that truly transports you to about 300 years ago, allowing you to take in some of the finest architecture as well as statues around. You can reside in hostels that offer prices as low as 15 dollars per night as well as great prices on hotels. There are also plenty of free and cheap activities that you can partake in while being there like; meseums, parks, romantic walks at night on the lit up Charles Bridge, free town tours at Olde Town Square, free independent movies at the American Center, the Prague Zoo, The Spa at Mandrin Oriental which offers rejuvenating massages in an actual from Rennissance chapel and the famous Olde Town Hall and Astronomical Clock.

Yellow Stone National Park, Wyoming - For all the nature lovers out there that are looking for cheap vacation destinations, Yellowstone is one of the best national parks in the US to visit, offering the opportunity to camp for very cheap at Mammoth and Norris Campgrounds. You will be surrounded by forestry and animals as well as hiking trails and great fishing. The park also includes a myriad of main attractions, some of which include; Mammoth hot springs, the Old Faithful geysers, Tower Fall waterfalls and much more. They also have BBQ’s offering a great spot to cook pretty much all of your meals yourself, avoiding the high prices that are offered in restaurants.

Pureto Viejo, Costa Rica – Looking to get out of the US for a little bit and escape to an exotic location? Puerto Viejo just may be your cheap vacation destination spot. Beautiful resorts can be found here for under 70 a night and where you can live temporarily in a location that is immersed in the rainforest. Also the US dollar goes a lot further here than it would back in the state, like twice or even three times as much as the exchange rate is no doubt in your favor!  Some fun and cheap things to do at this cheap vacation spot can include; learning to surf, watch a volcano in action in Arenal, take a canopy tour which includes ziplining above the rainforest, visit the Cloud Forest, go whitewater rafting, escape to Montezuma which is one of the most secluded beaches in the country endulge in aged alcohol that can be found at about 1/5th of the price compared to US costs and much more. You can also consider staying in a hostel, which can be found all throughout the country and offer prices that can start as low as 15 dollars a night.


How You Can Get Cheap Disney Vacation Packages

November 24, 2011

Cheap Disney Vacation Packages

Cheap Disney Vacation Packages

Vacationing to Disneyland is pretty much is good as it gets, but if its going to get any better, than it’s got to be a Disney vacation with a discount, okay it can get even better if you go while it is raining because no one is waiting in line. The place is a playground for both children as well as for adults who pretty much turn into children while visiting the theme park.  Whether you are looking to go to the one in, California, Paris, Florida, Paris, Tokyo or Hong Kong, you can refer to this tailor made list below that is dedicated to bringing you the best methods to use when looking for cheap Disneyland vacation packages.

How To Get Cheap Disney Vacations Packages

Off Season – You can also get cheap Disney vacation packages by traveling in the off season, which Disneyland peak seasons are; Spring Break, Summer time and especially the main family holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving which prices are jacked way up.

Know What You Want – When looking for different vacation packages, there are different different stokes for different folks, where there are packages for families which can include ride passes or discounts on show, spa packages which are great for couples looking to relax, and so on. Knowing what you want will keep you away from being stuck with a vacation experience you don’t really want but still have to pay for. This also includes whether you want to buy a park hopper pass which allows you to go into both Disneyland as well as California Adventure, or if you just want to do one or the other.

Craigslist (Local Research) – If you happen to be living in the immediate area of where Disneyland is, you can always look on Craigslist on the page of the city that you are in. Always meet up with the provider of the tickets, and never pay for them to come through the mail as they can either be fake tickets or never come.

Travel Agencies – There are so many travel agencies trying to compete for your business. Due to this fact, you can get excellent all inclusive packages at these spots. A tip to remember if you choose to book your cheap Disney vacation package through a travel agency is to ask them for the “itemized price sheet”. This sheet is a list of all the things that you will be paying for on your trip, which you can read over and take off the things you don’t really want or need, which can save you hundreds. You can also find a lower price at a different agency and call back the previous agency you visited and ask them if they would drop their price lower than the competing agency.

Personal Discounts – If you happen to be a veteran, serving, a police officer or fireman, a senior omong others, this can bring discounts, so don’t forget to ask if they have cheaper Disney vacation packages that cater to what you do.

Discount Codes – You can search for discount codes on every aspect of your vacation, like flights, resorts or hotels, Disneyland tickets and more.

Where Not To Buy – It is probably a good call to never buy from Disney directly as prices are known to be as high as 50 percent higher than through other vacation package options. If you happen to go through Disney directly on your search for cheap Disney vacation packages, the positive side is that your vacation will most likely come with perks like discounts tickets or show as well as tickets that allow you to skip to the front of the line.

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Cheap Vacation Spots – 4 Super Cheap Locations

November 20, 2011

Cheap Vacation Spots

Cheap Vacation Spots

Las Vegas, NV

One of the cheapest vacation spots of all time is the famous Las Vegas,  where you can get excellent deals as the cities main goal is to make their money off you through the casinos. But if you are not a big time gambler, or gamble in moderation, you can get an excellent deal on a hotel or resort, which most all of these places have cheap buffets, and enjoy the great attractions of Vegas, like the world renowned shows like Blue Man Group, Cirque Du Soleil Absinthe at Ceasers Palace with comedy and acrobatic acts, Phantom of the Opera, The Beatles “LOVE” at the Mirage and so many more. Other great activities that this cheap vaction spot can yeild are; The Atomic Testing Museum, The Stratosphere which is the tallest building in all of Vegas with a rollercoaster and a human sling shot on top, bus rides showing the sites for as low as 5 dollars, The Pinball Hall of Fame, eat lunch at the epic Hard Rock Hotel and if you are a dare devil there is swimming with the sharks at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino. If gambiling is your main priority, you can still keep it cheap by visiting the Sahara or Palms and Gold Coasts for nickel slots!

Can Cun

Considering that the US dollar value is much higher then the dollar value of the currency they use in Can Cun, you can get deals on pretty much everything. For example, luxury hotels can be found at 60 dollars per night at this cheap vacation spot. There is something to do for everyone here, which some of the best parts about can cun that are price effective are; Bonanza Ranch offering horseback riding, Ultramar for ferry rides that take passengers to both the islands of Isla Mujeres and Cozumel, Iberostar Golf Course, Dolphinaries where you can swim with the dolphins, the El Rey Ruins, the Wet N Wild Water Park, parasailing or a floating disco on the ship from Barco Pirates Night. If you are willing to spen a little more, it is highly suggested to check out Exotic Rides Mexico, where you can test drive exotic cars for multiple laps, like Ferrari’s and Lamborghinis along with the Audi R8 (Iron Man Car) among many others, talk about an adrenalin rush!

Huntington Beach, CA

Huntington Beach is an awesome option to consider when looking for cheap vacation spots as it is just far enough away from the more expensive Orange County cities like New Port Beach and Laguna Beach. Rooms can be rented in the very low 100′s, and you are just a drive away from attractions like Magic Mountain and Disney Land as well as baseball stadiums for the Dodgers and Angels. Huntington has a great peir that offers fishing and it’s own Ruby’s Restaurant offering some of the best burgers and milkshakes around, all while overlooking the ocean and sunset. The town itself consists of 8 miles of pure oceanfront scenary, great for walks, visiting beachfront shops and botiques, the Mahalo Surf School for surf lessons, Huntington Central Park, Shipley Nature Center with nature trails, the International Surf Museum, the Sunset Gondola, Huntington Beach Art Center, Meadowlark Golf Course, bike rentals and more.

South Padre Island, TX

Located beachfront overlooking the Gulf of Mexioc, South Padre Island is another great option when it comes to cheap vacation spots. Some fun and cheap ideas that you can consider adding to your vacation itinerary can include; Aire Padre Kiteboarding, The Laguna Madre Nature Trail, The Dolphin Research & Sea Life Center, Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark, fishing off the Queen Isabela State Fishing Pier and horseback riding on the beach at HORSES on the BEACH. The only thing to remember out this cheap vacation spot is to avoid it at all costs during Spring Break as this is when most of the tourists visit, anytime before or after that, you are pretty much gauranteed awesome prices.

Tips For More Savings On Cheap Vacation Spots

No matter which cheap vacation location you end up choosing, you can use some of these tips to get an even better deal:

  • Search form promotion codes online for both the hotel you want to stay at as well as the activities you are looking to do when you get there.
  • Call the hotel and check what kind of deals they are offering.
  • Book way in advance, like a minimum of 6 months of more.
  • Try to find a place that is all inclusive.
  • Consider taking the train to avoid high prices of gas or flight prices.


Cheap Vacation Ideas – 18 Ideas!

November 18, 2011

Cheap Vacation Ideas

Cheap Vacation Ideas

Don’t let the supposedly high prices of vacations deter you from taking a much needed vacation, as we have for you 20 different cheap vacation ideas that you can use to get an excellent vacation for an affordable price. Enjoy!

  • Currency – Traveling to a location where the US dollar is worth more than the currency used where you are intending on traveling can be an awesome way to save money on your vacation. For example the US dollar is worth a lot more than currency used in Can Cun.
  • Quality Time Travel – For all the single moms and dads out there, this company can assist you in finding awesome deals on vacations, which the specialize in finding affordable vacations for single parents.
  • Home Exchanges – If you have a friend that lives in a spot that you may want to visit, you can always swap houses for the week, or even house sit for them when they go on vacation. There is also a section on Craigslist called “housing swap” where you can exchange homes with people in different locations all over the world.
  • Cruises – This is an excellent cheap vacation idea as the large number of cruise companies are all trying to offer the lowest price, leaving you with the opportunity to get a cruise at anywhere from 100 to as low as 40 a night per person. Another way to get a cheap vacation on a cruise ship is to book last minute as almost always, there are cruise ships that have vacant cabins, which cruise lines will do pretty much anything to get them occupied, which means lower prices for you.
  • Camping – This is one of the best cheap vacation ideas out of them all, as you can find camp sites with camping rentals that are at very low cost and you can cook your own food so you don’t have to dine out for every single meal.
  • Hostels – If you are looking to head out to Europe, you can consider staying in hostels, which are much cheap than hotels and resorts.
  • Bring The Entire Family – Sure the sleeping arrangements may be a little awkward, but bring friends and family will cut down on costs, as everyone can split prices on hotel and resort fees, meaning you can stay at a very nice spot for a lot less.
  • Staycations – A staycation is where you stay at home and do day tours or spend the night at a city near you and enjoy local spots, which is an excellent cheap vacation idea for those who have just moved to a new city or state and don’t know much about your knew home.
  • Coupon Codes – No matter where you are looking to go, use coupon codes which can be found through online searches. For example if you are going to Hawaii, type in the name of the hotel or resort that you want to stay at followed by the word “coupon” or “coupon code”, and search for the best deals offered.
  • All Inclusive – All inclusive packages must be on a cheap vacations ideas list as you can have your whole vacation packaged into a discounted price on everything that you would be doing on a vacation. This can include; airfare, food, activities, transportation and more.
  • Offseason Travel (Sort of) – A cheap vacation can result from traveling in months after big holidays as well as Spring Break. In the event that you want to travel to Las Vegas, you may want to go during family holidays, as Vegas offers the exact opposite when it comes to a family environment and prices can drop during times where families are gathering together and not traveling.
  • Volunteer – There are certain companies that are dedicated to finding volunteers to work in the communities all over the world. With the cheap vacation idea, your living expenses are covered by the volunteer agency finding a person in the local area who offers living to volunteers.
  • Destin Florida – Destin is a beautiful place to vacation to in Florida, but doesn’t come with the high prices that you would find in places like Miami Beach or Orlando.
  • Plan it out – When you find your vacation spot, you can make your vacation much cheaper by researching different free things to do, in the city as well as around the city that you are going to.
  • Book Early – Planning your vacation way ahead of time, like 6 months or more, is another great option when searching for cheap vacation ideas. Deals are always offered for those booking in advance.
  • Visit a National Park – This is a great option to use for a cheap vacation, as basically all the money you will be spending will be for lodging and food, as all the entertainment will be free as you are surrounded by hiking trails and awesome sites.
  • Mini Vacations – Another cheap vacation idea to consider is to just stay for a weekend, and have a crash course vacation where you do all you can do in a couple days.
  • Travel Agencies – Don’t disregard the age old method of using travel agencies when looking for ideas for cheap vacations, as you can still get outstanding deals as they are affiliated with flight companies, hotels and resorts and more, allowing them to get deals for all aspects of your vacation.