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How To Get Cheap Train Tickets With Ease With Our Methods

May 10, 2012

Cheap Train Tickets

Cheap Train Tickets

Between the accelerating gas prices and crazy people trying to text and drive, finding a cheaper way to travel even within the city becomes more necessary than ever. Trains have proven to be not only cheaper and safer than cars but also more fun, relaxing and enjoyable as you do not have to worry about getting lost, stranded or stopping for food; all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride. Trains can take you places, where cars have no access and you cannot see from a plane. You can sit back and take all the photos you want without having to pull over and worry about becoming the victim of a passing car.

With little effort, you can find discount train tickets depending on the time of year you choose and your destination. Traveling during the off season will of course bring you more choices as more train stations have sales of as much as half off, plus your destination will not be as crowded with seasonal tourist. Even if your yearly vacation time is in the middle of tourist season, with a little planning and research, you still do not have to pay full price even for an Amtrak ticket. One trick is to book your ticket on line, in advance and look for promotional codes and discounts such as for the military, seniors and children.

No matter where you are traveling to, there is always a train to get you around once you arrive. If your plan is to fly to Europe for a week’s vacation, there are plenty of trains to get you from country to country and most of them offer discounts and promotions to help with cost. Another trick is to plan your train trip during the week as the fares are discounted as much as 80 percent. You might not get an Amtrak spot but cheap train tickets do not mean cheap service because what ever train you get a ticket for will want you to come back again so they will try to give you the best service possible.

Other discounts to be aware of when looking for discounted train tickets include student advantage, National Association of Rail Passengers as well as AAA who also offers discounts to their members. Most train services offer discounts to people who book on line, book in advance or buy multiple tickets. If you are traveling in Europe, the most popular rail pass, which will give you the lowest train ticket price available, is the Eurail Pass and is good for as many as 18 countries. The Eurail Pass offers several classes of tickets to choose from some of which include first class, second class, third class and senior to name a few.

One of the most popular vacations is to take the Amtrak all the way across America where you will be able to visit over 500 destinations along the way and see America from a perspective only seen from a train. Amtrak is known for offering huge discounts through their 30-Day USA Rail Pass Adventure. But do not limit yourself to just Amtrak as other lines also offer cheap train tickets for your traveling pleasure.