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How You Can Get Cheap Hotel Rooms

April 16, 2012

Cheap Hotel Rooms

Cheap Hotel Rooms

Getting lodging for your getaway can be a great way to start off your vacation, allowing you to save money and use it on spending it souveniers, eating food at local restaurants, using it on local attractions or better yet just keeping it in your pocket instead of someone elses! No matter where you may be going, there are various methods that you can utilize to get cheap hotel rooms but ones that don’t spare on the quality, just cheap in price which you can find out how to do so by checking out our compiled list of methods below.

Tips On How To Obtain Cheap Hotel Rooms

  1. The first thing you want to do is figure out what kind of hotel you want, one with a pool or without, one with internet connection, on-site restaurant, etc. Picking one with the bare essentials will provide you with better deals that ones with perks, which you can book if you are just looking to do your sleeping there and nothing else, but if you are looking to hang out there a lot, then you can always find one with the upgrades.
  2. You can shop around for packages that include hotels and plane as well as other aspects of your vacation, which can provide you with cheap vacation deals but it is a good idea to check what kinds of prices packages can bring you versus booking each part of your vacation seperately, as cheaper hotel rooms can come by booking seperate, especially if you do a little negotiating as often times just asking for a discount can bring you better deals on hotel rooms as they assume that if they don’t provide you with one that you will just call another nearby competitor and stay with them when they give you a deal.
  3. Call various hotels around the area where you are looking to stay and price check with all of them and go with the one that can give you either a cheap hotel room or the best upgrade or both. While doing this, it is advised that you book your stay as early as possible, as hotels will offer discounted hotel rooms to early bookers most every time.

Also when it comes to booking, all inclusive may provide you with a great deal, the keyword being may as often times these places have cheap breakfasts or othe meals and jack up the prices just because they include extras, which you can save by booking a hotel room that doesn’t come with these extras and just buy your own food at a local grocery store and make your own meals, but just make sure that they have a mini fridge that you can use!

Sites To Use For Cheap Hotel Rates

Also, one of the best but lesser known ways to get cheap hotel rooms is by utilizing the amazing services that has to offer, which you will want to find the “Name Your Own Price” link where you can actually type in how much you are willing to spend on your hotel fare. The way it works is Princeline is a middle man between you and lodging locations all around the world, which Priceline will refer them customers who are willing to pay a certain perecntage of the original ticket cost of what they would pay booking directly, which they do so as these hotels often have vacancy that their would rather fill for a discounted price than not at all.

There is also a great site called, a site that you are probably familiar with as has been widely used by travlers for some time now, which you can get  cheap hotel rooms as well as other cheap things like a rental car and even free or discounted coupons to local attractions.

When it all comes down to it, it is fairly easy to get cheap hotel rates once you know how to do so, which now you do. But if you are looking for the cheapest way to go, a hotel may be the way to go, but if your are willing to travel with an open mind then you can also consider things like camping; hostels and even bed and breakfasts which may be able provide you with better nightly rates