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Cheap Mexico Vacations – Get A Super Cheap Getaway!

January 2, 2012

Cheap Mexico Vacations

Cheap Mexico Vacations

If you are ready to get away from the turmoil and escape to Mexico for the altimate vacation where ancient ruins and lush native jungles are on display, but do it for super cheap our list is a must read for you, as well have a host of ideas that can result in dangerously cheap Mexico vacations! It also helps that the American dollar is acutally worth a lot more than that of a peso, as the conversion rate is 1 US Dollar equating to nearly 14 Pesos, 13.9465 to be exact, not to mention that Mexico is just a hop, skip and a jum away from the US, making flights a lot cheap compared to flying somewhere a lot further.

  • Cancun – Cancun is one of the most famous locations in Mexico, which it is also advised that you go to Cancun after Fall has passed and before Spring Break as anytime during Fall and Spring will yeild higher priced vacations. Yes there are over 4 million people that visit there each year, but if you go during late November to February, the beaches will be less packed  as well are optimal months to go that result in cheap mexico vacations where you will be able to enjoy the vibrant turquoise waters and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
  • Cruises – There are various cruise lines that offer cheap vacations to Mexico on a cruise ship, which you can get the whole vacation for under 100 a night, often times much less. Cruise lines that offer cruises to Mexico include; Celebrity Cruises, Holland America, Norwegian Cruise Lines (who gaurantee the best deals), Carnival Cruise Lines among others. These cruise vacations take their passengers to locations in Mexico that can consist of; Baja, Acapulco, Mexican Riviera, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, which can provide you with a true experience of Mexico and its heritage, instead of just visiting one location in Mexico if you are staying in a resort. Cheap vacations to Mexico on a cruise ship can come in the form of as little as 3 days to 14 days or more. TIP: If you cruise, do not use the all inclusive flight package, as flight fees are known to be a lot higher in these packages, so it is advised that you book your flight on your own.
  • Travel Agent – Utilizing a travel agent can save you big on more ways than one. First off they are constantly providing business to mutliple vacation resources like; lodging, flights, tours and more, which allows the travel agency to build relationships with these resources enabling them to get the best deals for their customers. Second, they can plan your cheap mexico vacation around what you want to do, allowing you to pay only for what you want instead of getting there and spending money on things that ultimately weren’t what you were looking for, as well as they can get you deals on those activities!
  • Drive – If you happen to be fairly close to the border, than why not consider a road trip! If you are going with a few people, you can split the cost of gas, making the cost of travel miniscule. You could also consider taking the Greyhound to the border, then head south on a bus as there are various bus stops where you can catch a ride such as; San Diego CA, Brownsville and El Paso as well as Laredo in TX, and Nogales in AZ.
  • Hostels – Lodging at one of the many hostels in Mexico can also result in cheap Mexico vacations as for example the Hostel Centro Historico Regina has rooms as low as 8 dollars a night, as many other hostels do. Now you may think that the living conditions are probably terrible in hostels, but in actuality many hostels in Mexico make many hotels in the US look bad. They have comfortable beds and even have Wifi and computers so you can stay connected on your cheap Mexico vacation!