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Cheap Last Minute Vacations – Tips For When You Are Booking

March 30, 2012

Cheap Last Minute Vacations

Cheap Last Minute Vacations

The main key to getting cheap last minute vacations is flexibility, meaning that you have to be okay with taking something that you may not exactly love but are willing to deal with it to get the awesome deal that comes attatched with it. But last minute getaways are great as you don’t have to make any advanced reservations and can book anywhere between 6 weeks to as little as 3 hours before the vacation date, which is the timeframe where the best discount last mintue vacations can be found, but the key is to be ready to pull the trigger and book it as you may call back 5 mintues later and the deal is gone. With the ever growing number of flight companies as well as hotels and resorts, there are almost always vacancies on flights and in hotels allowing you to walk in and get deals that people who booked well in advance couldn’t even get as these companies would rather rent a room or sell you a flight at a discount and make some money than nothing at all. Now below are a few tips that and methods that you can use on your search that can help you secure cheap last minute vacation deals as well as ways to make your vacation cheaper.

Tips To Follow When Searching For Cheap Last Minute Vacations

First off making a list of 5 different locations that you are willing to visit is a great place to start as your first choice may not yeild good cheap last minute vacation deals, so you can move onto the next until one on your list pans out, or you can compare prices offered to you for all of your top 5 and go with the best deal. Also when setting out to book a last minute vacation be sure to ask the representative who you are talking to what are the best deals out there besides what they can offer you on where you want to go, as they may tell you about an exotic location you can get for less than where you orginally wanted to go. It is also just a known fact that the best deals usually come out of booking in the off season as well as in less popular spots, which is something to keep in mind as well. Below are a few other tips that can help you on your pursuit as well.

1.)  Cruises often times yeild some of the best cheap last minute vacations around, offering you the chance to get your cruise for much lower than $100 a night with meals included, but is also one of the riskiest ways to book your vacation as cabins fill in fast due to the fact that these cruise lines are offering the lowest deals in attempt to fill all of the cabins before the embark.

2.)  You can also employ the great services of a certified travel agency who can provider you with excellent last minute vacation discounts on all aspects of your vacation including your flight, hotel, rental car, activities, food and more.

3.)  Asking about specific deals is another way to get cheap last minute vacations as well, like discounts for groups, couples, singles, profession, age and more.

4.)  Another great way that has resulted in not only cheap last minute vacations but great deals in general is to book a vacation to somewhere where the the currency you use in your country is worth more than what is used to where you are looking to travel to. By going to place where your dollar goes further as well booking the vacation last minute, huge discounts can occur.

5.) You can also sign up for alerts on email lists of travel agencies, cruise lines, hotels, travel websites and more. Getting on these email lists will provide you with the opportunity to learn about cheap last minute vacations before anyone else does.

6.)  The last major thing to keep in mind when searching for cheap last minute vacation deals is to steer clear of trying to book in high traffic/peak season months, which can vary depending on where you want to travel to, as deals offered for peak season travel aren’t even really good deals, even the last minute ones. Now to even spice up your vacation, don’t forget to ask for upgrades, as standard room deals may be advertised but oceanfront suites and luxury villas may be on sale to and you may be able to get them last minute for a small amount more per night.