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Cheap Plane Tickets For Military

April 12, 2012

Cheap Plane Tickets For Military

Cheap Plane Tickets For Military

Before we jump into showing you exactly how to get cheap plane tickets for military we first just want to thank you for the service that you are providing to our country, many thanks!  Bear in mind that besides getting dicounted plane tickets for military service specifically, you can also get great deals by; flying during the middle of the week, flying early in the morning or late at night, waiting stand by, as well as booking through 2 flight providers which one will be for your flight to the destination and the other will be for your return ticket. Now that we have the most important part out of the way, allow us to show you how you can get rewarded for this service when it comes go cheap military flight tickets which you can use these methods to get cheap flights for domestic as well as international travel.

  1. The first thing you should do is contact the airline in which you wish to travel with and tell them that you are or were in the miltary and would like to know what type of discounts are offered. Now when you do this they may ask you to provide certain documentation to them which is usually done via fax and usually the only thing demanded is your military ID. Once they obtain the documentation that they need to verify the validity of your claim, you will get discount military plane tickets which often times you even get disounts on tickets for those whom you may be flying with. This method can be great, but in order to get the best deal, you can contact multiple flight companies and ask then go with the one that can provide you with the cheapest ticket. Cheap airline tickets for active duty are most always available through all flight companies so this is most definetely the most sure fired way og getting cheap travel deals. Also keep in mind that certain deals are also available through this method for those looking to travel home for a family holiday, which deals are most often found through private airlines.
  2. You can also go through a travel agent to get cheap plane tickets for military, as travel agents are very networked in the travel world and often times create packages that cater to those who serve the country. If possible try to visit a travel agent who specializes in booking plane tickets, which they are known as airline agencies, as they can find the best deals on flights.
  3. Also if you belong to the family of a martyr it is very possible that you can get the same or similiar deals and discounts by using the same methods above. Depending on the rank you hold or held, the discount you receive on your cheap plane ticket for military can be as much as 70 percent.
  4. If you happen to be a uniformed service member and are traveling with dependents you can utilize the Space A program where you can ride free in DOD aircraft seats at times when it will not cause an interference with any type of mission. This is also referred to as the Space A program in which you can fly for cheap to locations in the US as well as other countries, which the best way to find out about getting cheap plan tickets for military service from this method is do visit your nearest military terminal and inquire about it there.


How To Save Money With Cheap Airline Tickets For Students

April 5, 2012

Cheap Airline Tickets For Students

Cheap Airline Tickets For Students

Being a student comes with lots of classes as well as a lot of late hours of studying for tests and hitting deadlines for term papers, not to mention it is pricey to go to school in todays day and age. Due to these facts alone all of you students out there deserve a break for all the hard work you are enduring which thepossibility of getting cheap airline tickets for student poses itself to all of those who know what resources to use. We want to present these methods to you so you can get cheap flight tickets that you can use to getaway from the turmoil of your classes for a while and enjoy the feel good purchases that come with getting a great deal!

How You Can Get Cheap Airline Tickets For Students

Choosing to fly in the middle of the week,traveling late at night or early in the morning as well as traveling in the off season are excellent ways to get cheap airline tickets for students, along with booking a group fare if you are traveling with your clan but there are a myriad of other methods that you can use to get great deals on your flight. Below are some great ways that you can use to get cheap airline tickets for students.

  1. One of the first methods that can provide you with cheap airline tickets for college student is that when you are booking simply tell them that you are student and ask if they provide any discounts for students.
  2. If your schedule permits you to be flexible with your booking, then booking stand by can be another great method to get deals on your flight that most everyone around you didn’t get, and it just happens that students are given priority for stand by booking. With this method, chances are that you will get the flight you want, but worst case you have to wait until the next one takes off where you will get to board that one.
  3. Next keep a look out for promotions on both travel and flight company websites, which a great way to do this is to get on these companies promotional lists which you can do be signing up on their site, which requires you to give them your email address where they do email blasts to their list offering information on upcoming deals and discounts. While doing this they usually ask you to tell them about yourself so they can cater discounts to your specific situation, which is where you can tell them you are a student as well as where you usually travel or would like to travel.
  4. Also one of the most sure fired way of getting cheap arline tickets for students is by booking your flight through a travel agency, which a generic travel agency can provide you with great deals as most all of them offer packages for students and cater highly to those going to college. But one that specializes in getting students the best deals is Student Travel Agency (STA) as they are an agency that focuses on getting deals specifically for students and young adults, offering you the opportunity to go through a resource that is known specifically for providing great traveling and flight deals for students.
  5. If you are looking for discounted airline tickets for students for the purpose of traveling internationally, a great way to get the best deals on your flight and well as other parts of your vacation is to sign up for an International Student Identification Card (ISIC) which is an ID that is recognized by places like major airlines, hotels, travel comapanies and a host of other services.

If you aren’t able to garner cheap airline tickets for students through the methods above, there are other great sites that are known for offering great deals on flights for students, some of which inlude:

  • Studentuniverse
  • Smorgasbord
  • Travelosophy