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Cheap Vacation Destinations – 4 Great Spots

December 10, 2011

Cheap Vacation Destinations

Cheap Vacation Destinations

Destin Florida – Destin is one of the least popular locations in Florida, meaning lower prices as well as less tourists compared to spots like Miami Beach or Tampa. The city itself actually sits right between the Choctawhatchee Bay and the Gulf of Mexico offering stunning tropical ocean views as well as lush native terrain. You can also get all inclusive deals at the Seascape Resort, located right on the beach in Destin.

Prague, Czech Republic – This spot offers an excellent location that truly transports you to about 300 years ago, allowing you to take in some of the finest architecture as well as statues around. You can reside in hostels that offer prices as low as 15 dollars per night as well as great prices on hotels. There are also plenty of free and cheap activities that you can partake in while being there like; meseums, parks, romantic walks at night on the lit up Charles Bridge, free town tours at Olde Town Square, free independent movies at the American Center, the Prague Zoo, The Spa at Mandrin Oriental which offers rejuvenating massages in an actual from Rennissance chapel and the famous Olde Town Hall and Astronomical Clock.

Yellow Stone National Park, Wyoming - For all the nature lovers out there that are looking for cheap vacation destinations, Yellowstone is one of the best national parks in the US to visit, offering the opportunity to camp for very cheap at Mammoth and Norris Campgrounds. You will be surrounded by forestry and animals as well as hiking trails and great fishing. The park also includes a myriad of main attractions, some of which include; Mammoth hot springs, the Old Faithful geysers, Tower Fall waterfalls and much more. They also have BBQ’s offering a great spot to cook pretty much all of your meals yourself, avoiding the high prices that are offered in restaurants.

Pureto Viejo, Costa Rica – Looking to get out of the US for a little bit and escape to an exotic location? Puerto Viejo just may be your cheap vacation destination spot. Beautiful resorts can be found here for under 70 a night and where you can live temporarily in a location that is immersed in the rainforest. Also the US dollar goes a lot further here than it would back in the state, like twice or even three times as much as the exchange rate is no doubt in your favor!  Some fun and cheap things to do at this cheap vacation spot can include; learning to surf, watch a volcano in action in Arenal, take a canopy tour which includes ziplining above the rainforest, visit the Cloud Forest, go whitewater rafting, escape to Montezuma which is one of the most secluded beaches in the country endulge in aged alcohol that can be found at about 1/5th of the price compared to US costs and much more. You can also consider staying in a hostel, which can be found all throughout the country and offer prices that can start as low as 15 dollars a night.