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How To Get Cheap Hawaii Vacations

November 13, 2011

Cheap Hawaii Vacations

Cheap Hawaii Vacations

If you are looking for cheap Hawaii vacations, there are various way and websites that can result in a vacation at a fraction of the full price tag. Before you search any further, we have for you multiple tips that when used, can result in a much cheaper vacation without sparing the hawaii vacation experience!

  • Cruises – Hawaiian cruise prices are at an all time low and provide an excellent option when searching for cheap Hawaii vacations. There are so many cruise lines out there right now that are all trying to compete for your business, which puts you in the drivers seat to getting an excellent deal. Some cruise deals can have packages that cost the cruiser 80 per night, and often times much cheaper, even as low as 40 dollars. Cruises also offer buffet style inclusive meals taking out the cost of fine dining, and have so much to do on the ship, you will literally never get bored. If you want to tour the hawaiian islands on your cruise, you can book these guided tours within your entire cruise package, making your cheap hawaii vacation even cheaper. Good cruise lines are Celebrity, Norwegian, Disney and Carnival, and many of them actually guarantee you the best deal or the choice of either your money back or the difference in on ship credit.
  • Camping – If you want to avoid the often times high costs of resorts and hotels, you can always bring your camping gear and be perfectly comfortable in the warm Hawaiian weather. You can also for the most part cook your own food as well instead of dining in restaurants for each meal.
  • Hotels – If you are looking to hang out at the hotel or resort for most of your time, then by all means go with a luxury spot, but if not, you can find a cheap spot as you will just be sleeping there and spend your money on exploring hawaii. You can also go for places that are near major tourist spots, but just far enough away that they won’t have fees like tourist spot hotels.
  • Packages – Booking vacations with packages either by yourself or through a travel agent will enable you to bundle everything your going to do on your vacation into one flat fee, which will result in big discounts. These packages can include costs for; flights, hotels, food, tours, other recreation and more.
  • Offseason – Avoid at all costs times like; Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break. Going on months either before and after these times will result in a much cheaper Hawaiian vacation. Winter is said to be the cheapest season to travel to Hawaii.

Cheap Hawaii Vacations – Cheap Things To Do

If you need itinerary ideas, below are various spots in Hawaii that are must see’s, and don’t cost much at all making them great for cheap hawaii vacations activities.
  • Hawaii Volcano National Park – Located on the main island of Hawaii, and offers tours of the natural beauties. There is also an 18 mile scenic drive on the Chain of Craters Road which overs sweeping views of the ocean and lush tropical surroundings.
  • Akaka Waterfalls Park – Another great addition to your cheap hawaii vacation itinerary, and offers its guests front row seats to waterfalls that are over 400 feet high.
  • Waikiki Aquarium – This is a great spot where tourists can check out over 400 different aquatic species, and enjoy a piece of history as this museum is the 3rd oldest US aquarium.
  • Skyline Eco Adventures – Also on the main island of Hawaii, this spot is great for families as well as daredevils as it is home to 2000 foot long zip lines that shoot over the green rainforest.
  • Pipline – The famous pipline waters, home to some of the biggest waves and best surfing competitions, are located on the North Shore, and offer another fantastic addition to cheap Hawaii vacations.
  • Honolulu Academy or Arts – Admission is very cheap here and offers individuals the opportunity to observe over 50,000 pieces of art.

Good Sites That Offer Cheap Hawaii Vacations