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Cheap Caribbean Vacation Packages – 7 Tried & True Methods

March 7, 2012

Cheap Caribbean Vacation Packages

Cheap Bahama Vacations


1. )  One of the most sure fired ways of getting cheap Caribbean vacation packages is to go on a cruise, as you can get a tropical Caribbean vacation for under $100 a night that includes food! Not only will you get a cheap Caribbean vacation package by booking a cruise, you will also get to experience various locations in the Caribbean unlike a traditional vacation where you are stuck at one spot the entire extent of your trip. Cruise lines also offer shore excursions that can consists of anything from scuba diving and helicopter tours to horseback riding and deep sea fishing, which the shore excursions options are literally endless. Cruise lines that offer great cheap Caribbean vacation packages include; Norwegian Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruises, Carnival Cruise Lines as well as Disney Cruise Lines.

Email Lists

2.)  The next method that should be utilized that has equated to cheap Caribbean vacation packages is getting on e-newsletters or email lists of many travel providers like cruise lines, resorts, travel bargain sites and more which they usually will offer you an option to select what you are looking out of your vacation, which you can select everything that applies to the Caribbean. Often times these sites will send out cheap vacation packages offers to their mail list before anyone else knows about them, letting you obtain a cheap caribbean vacation package first before they are all picked out.

Weaker Currency

3.)  Another method that can equate in very cheap vacation packages is to visit a spot in the Caribbean where the US dollar is worth more than the curreny they use. The US dollar is usually worth about 2 times more in Eastern Caribbean locations like Antigua and Dominica, which can allow you to get a cheap Caribbean vacation package in which you can save money on all parts of your vacation as your dollar will go further than it would in the states, no matter what you are buying.

Grand Resort & Spa

4.)  The Grand Resort & Spa in Kingston Jamaica offers you the opportunity to get cheap Caribbean vacation packages in the form of up to 60% off if you book your flight at the same time, as well as offer free lodging for kids 12 and under, so this can be a great spot for taking the whole clan with you!


5.)  As far as other lodging options go, you can always consider utilizing different styles of lodging, like camping or staying at a hostel where you can stay for as low as $15 a night, like at National Park Backpackers in Costa Rica which puts you right in the middle of Manuel Antonio National Park for as little as $15.77 a night. You can also consider staying just outside popular cities where lodging prices are a lot lower, but stilll close to the big city where you want to be for most of your trip.

Travel Agent

6.)  Cheap Caribbean vacation packages can also be attained by visiting a travel agent, who can get you deals on anything from airfare, lodging, activities, rental cars and more. You can also go to a specialized travel agents, say one that has a main focus of booking cruises, if you want to go on a cruise, as they will offer the best deals because that is all they do, making them very networked with most all cruise lines.

Can Cun

7.)  Okay, not quite the Caribbean but if you go to the Yucatan Peninsula it overlooks the Caribbean! This cheap Carribean vacation packages alternative offers super cheap loding and a myriad of different incredible activities, such as racing exotic cars, dolphin cruises, golf, check out the ruins, deep sea fishing and more. You can even consider an all inclusive spot which the Le Blanc Spa & Resort offers all inclusive stays, which can save you very big!

The last tip that we can give you when searching for cheap Caribbean vacation packages is to both book early as well as book in the off-season, which in the Caribbean the off-season tends to be from late April to early December.

How You Can Get Cheap Caribbean Vacations

November 29, 2011

Cheap Caribbean Vacations

Cheap Caribbean Vacations

If you are looking for cheap Caribbean vacations, we may just have exactly what you need. We have created a tailor made list below on methods and tips that when used can result in huge discounts on Caribbean vacation getaways, because the only thing better than going on vacation is getting that vacation at a cheap rate!

  • Cruises – This cheap vacations method is on most of our list because it deserves to be. You can sail on a cruise ship for very low prices, like less that $100 a night and can even be found at as low as $60 a night, and not only this, this rate can include buffet meals as well. Booking either way in advance or last minute are the best ways to get even better deals.
  • Sandy Cay, Honduras – This is one of the ultimate cheap caribbean vacation methods, as you can rent your own island for the rock bottom price of $125 per night, seriously. To get to your temporary home, all your have to do is take a 20 minute boat ride off of Utila’s Pigeon Cay, where you can choose to spend your  vacation just hanging out on the tropical beaches, or snorkel amongst the coral reefs located footsteps from your room, grill your own catch, and pretty much do whatever you please as the island will literally be yours. The best part about it is that you can bring up to 14 people, which means you can split your rate up, making your cheap Caribbean vacation even cheaper.
  • Hostels – If you are looking to ruff it a little bit in order to create a cheap caribbean vacation, you can stay in hostels for avery low prices. A great one to consider is the Vista Serena, located right on the beach and amongst lush tropical forestry. Prices for this Costa Rica getaway spot range from $10 a night for their “Economy Dorms” to $40 to $60 per night for their Private Bungalows, which sleep up to 3 people and offer an stunning view from their ocean view balcony as other accommodations like a full kitchen if you want to cook your meals to save cash, a hammock as well as a TV.
  • Coupons – No matter where you are going, you can get cheap caribbean vacations by using coupon codes for everything that makes up your vacation, like airfare, lodging, activities and more. All you have to do to find out if there are promo codes or coupons is to type in the thing that you are looking to get a promo code on, for example “specific hotel” followed by “promo code”.
  • Cinnamon Bay Campground (Virgin Islands) – You can also enjoy discounted Caribbean vacations by camping, which Cinnamon Bay campground allows y0u to camp there either with your own tent or you can rent one of their pre-erected tents which then you can set up on one of their campsites, some being both beachfront as well as beach view.  If you don’t want to tent but still want to be right next to the tropical waters, you can even rent one of their rustic cottages. They have a restaurant on-site, their Tree Lizards Restaurant, but they also have a grocery store, which you can shop at for food that will allow you to cook all of your meals and avoid dining out for each meal.