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How To Get And Find The Best Vacation Deals

March 22, 2012

7 Methods That Bring About The Best Vacation Deals

Best Travel Deals


Cruising is really one of the best ways to get the best travel deals available, as you can literally get a cruise ticket for under $100 a night, which includes all 3 meals! Cruise lines also offer you shore excursions which are tings to do when the ship docks at the ports along the way, which there are a myriad of different activities offered at some of the most famous tourist attractions, which cruise lines are in cahoots with these tourist attrcations and can get better deals on them then one coule get if they booked seperately. This will give you a chance to get the best travel deals on every part of your getaway. Even better travel deals on cruises result from booking early, like 6 to 12 months before, as well as during the months of Janurary to early March as these months offer the best travel deals for cruise tickets.


Travel agencies can also provide you with some of the best travel discounts on the market, which they mostly book vacation packages which can allow you to bundle your whole vacation together and know exactly what you are going to be spending, which is always much cheaper than buying everything seperate. Just remember for your lodging, to get a place with a kitchen so you can cook your meals yourself and not have to eat out at pricey diners.


Make a list of the top 3 to 5 destinations you really want to visit, then compare vacation prices on all of them, then you can pick the one that providers you with the cheaest travel deal.


Go to a place where the the currency used in your state is worth more than the value of the dollar that is used at the destination. This will allow you to get the best travel deals on everything that ecompasses your vacation as your dollar will go further on everything you purchase.


Cheap vacation deals also come from visiting a place that is either less popular or visiting in the off-season, or both if possible.


The best travel deals can also be created from staying in a place that offers cheaper lodging, like for example staying in a hostel which offer super cheap prices, under 25 dollars per person in most places as well as many of them are in prime locations.


Some of the best travel deals are are also obtained by being a member of a vacation club, which yes they do come with a yearly membership, but say even if you had to spend $500 a year on membership fees, but saved $1000 per vacation then it would be well worth your money. Considering that the average family takes 2 vacations per year, being a member of a vacation club can bring you very big savings on your vacation.


If you happen to go through any website on the web that claims to offer the best vacation deals, make sure they offer a guaranteed deal, which if they don’t then move onto the next.


Las Vegas also offers some of the best vacation deals, especially on the lodging, as you can stay in some of the finest resorts in all of Las Vegas for as little as $40 a night as they are hoping you spend all your money at the casinos! If you are not a big gambler but like to have fun, there is plently to do in Las Vegas besides just gambling, like award winning shows, themepark rides and more.


You can also get on newsletter lists of different travel sources, like cruise lines and flight companies and more who send out emails every so often on some of the best vacation deals that they offer, which you can take advantage of them by signing up on these email lists of free.