Cheap Vacation Ideas – 18 Ideas!

November 18, 2011

Cheap Vacation Ideas

Cheap Vacation Ideas

Don’t let the supposedly high prices of vacations deter you from taking a much needed vacation, as we have for you 20 different cheap vacation ideas that you can use to get an excellent vacation for an affordable price. Enjoy!

  • Currency – Traveling to a location where the US dollar is worth more than the currency used where you are intending on traveling can be an awesome way to save money on your vacation. For example the US dollar is worth a lot more than currency used in Can Cun.
  • Quality Time Travel – For all the single moms and dads out there, this company can assist you in finding awesome deals on vacations, which the specialize in finding affordable vacations for single parents.
  • Home Exchanges – If you have a friend that lives in a spot that you may want to visit, you can always swap houses for the week, or even house sit for them when they go on vacation. There is also a section on Craigslist called “housing swap” where you can exchange homes with people in different locations all over the world.
  • Cruises – This is an excellent cheap vacation idea as the large number of cruise companies are all trying to offer the lowest price, leaving you with the opportunity to get a cruise at anywhere from 100 to as low as 40 a night per person. Another way to get a cheap vacation on a cruise ship is to book last minute as almost always, there are cruise ships that have vacant cabins, which cruise lines will do pretty much anything to get them occupied, which means lower prices for you.
  • Camping – This is one of the best cheap vacation ideas out of them all, as you can find camp sites with camping rentals that are at very low cost and you can cook your own food so you don’t have to dine out for every single meal.
  • Hostels – If you are looking to head out to Europe, you can consider staying in hostels, which are much cheap than hotels and resorts.
  • Bring The Entire Family – Sure the sleeping arrangements may be a little awkward, but bring friends and family will cut down on costs, as everyone can split prices on hotel and resort fees, meaning you can stay at a very nice spot for a lot less.
  • Staycations – A staycation is where you stay at home and do day tours or spend the night at a city near you and enjoy local spots, which is an excellent cheap vacation idea for those who have just moved to a new city or state and don’t know much about your knew home.
  • Coupon Codes – No matter where you are looking to go, use coupon codes which can be found through online searches. For example if you are going to Hawaii, type in the name of the hotel or resort that you want to stay at followed by the word “coupon” or “coupon code”, and search for the best deals offered.
  • All Inclusive – All inclusive packages must be on a cheap vacations ideas list as you can have your whole vacation packaged into a discounted price on everything that you would be doing on a vacation. This can include; airfare, food, activities, transportation and more.
  • Offseason Travel (Sort of) – A cheap vacation can result from traveling in months after big holidays as well as Spring Break. In the event that you want to travel to Las Vegas, you may want to go during family holidays, as Vegas offers the exact opposite when it comes to a family environment and prices can drop during times where families are gathering together and not traveling.
  • Volunteer – There are certain companies that are dedicated to finding volunteers to work in the communities all over the world. With the cheap vacation idea, your living expenses are covered by the volunteer agency finding a person in the local area who offers living to volunteers.
  • Destin Florida – Destin is a beautiful place to vacation to in Florida, but doesn’t come with the high prices that you would find in places like Miami Beach or Orlando.
  • Plan it out – When you find your vacation spot, you can make your vacation much cheaper by researching different free things to do, in the city as well as around the city that you are going to.
  • Book Early – Planning your vacation way ahead of time, like 6 months or more, is another great option when searching for cheap vacation ideas. Deals are always offered for those booking in advance.
  • Visit a National Park – This is a great option to use for a cheap vacation, as basically all the money you will be spending will be for lodging and food, as all the entertainment will be free as you are surrounded by hiking trails and awesome sites.
  • Mini Vacations – Another cheap vacation idea to consider is to just stay for a weekend, and have a crash course vacation where you do all you can do in a couple days.
  • Travel Agencies – Don’t disregard the age old method of using travel agencies when looking for ideas for cheap vacations, as you can still get outstanding deals as they are affiliated with flight companies, hotels and resorts and more, allowing them to get deals for all aspects of your vacation.

10 Cheap Family Vacations Ideas

November 15, 2011

Cheap Family Vacations

Cheap Family Vacations

If you are looking for cheap family vacations, we have you covered, as below you will find a long list of things that are both cheap as well as incredibly fun that will allow you to spend quality time with your loved ones as well as not break that bank doing so.

  • Camping – Camping is no doubt one of the cheapest family vacation ideas, as you can rent a camping space at a camp ground of as little as 30 dollars a night or less, as well as cook your own food which will allow you to avoid having to dine out for each meal.
  • Cruises – Taking a cruise is another viable option to consider when searching for cheap family vacations. This may sound absurd, but you can actually get cruises packages that can be found as low as 70 dollars a night per person, or lower. Now not only does this include lodging and onboard activity, it also includes food if you find a cruise line that has buffet style eating included.
  • Bonus Points – Keep track of your bonus points on credit cards, and use all of your purchases with the card or cards that have the rewards program. By using the card more and more, your points will add up and you can end up getting a free family vacation.
  • All Inclusive – By all means possible, find a package that is all inclusive when search for cheap vacations for your family. These packages and include; airfare, lodging, food, transportation, entertainment and much more. You should also consider using a traveling agent as they can make your all inclusive trip much cheaper.
  • Stay Local aka “Staycations” – You can also consider doing a local tour and checking out your city. This can be more of a short term vacation, but it can consist of spending the night in a hotel amongst where the tour is, offering the vacation feel. This can also include spending the night at a beach motel and doing late night bonfires and s’mores. You can also try searching for “favorite attractions” in your city or state through a Google search, which you can get ideas of local cheap family vacations.
  • Swap WIth A Friend – If you happen to have a friend or family member that is located in another state or city, you can consider swapping with them, or even telling them you will “house sit” for them when they are gone, enabling you to not have to pay for hotel or resort fees. There are also many companies that will arrange a swap between families, or if your gutsy, you can go on Craigslist and click on the “housing swap” link under “housing”.
  • Stay Near The Tourist City – Tourist cities will always jack up their prices on nightly fees, but you can still enjoy the tourist city without having to pay an arm and a leg by staying somewhere near by where fees are lower. This also includes staying in a hotel and avoiding resorts.
  • Train Travel – Another resource that can make your family vacation cheaper is to travel by train like Amtrak, which can allow you to sit back and not have to worry about driving, as well as avoids having to pay for high gas prices. A little tip for even cheaper Amtrak tickets is to buy them off of Ebay.
  • Travel Clubs – Using travel clubs can result in discounted family vacations, especially for those who are willing to book last minute.
  • Quality Time Travel – If you happen to be a single mother or father, this company is dedicated to find you the cheapest family vacations possible as they know being a single parent is often a struggle financially.

Cheap All Inclusive Vacations – Packages and Ideas

November 14, 2011

Cheap All Inclusive Vacations

If you are looking for cheap all inclusive vacations, you may want to consider taking a cruise, as cruise prices are at rock bottom due to the fact that the ever growing list of cruise companies are all trying to compete for your business. For example, Norwegian Cruise Lines has their “Best Price Gaurantee” perk which states that after you book your cruise with them, if you in fact find a trip that is equivalent to the one you booked with Norwegian, then you get two choose from either two options which are; re-price your vacation cruise at the lower price that you found, or you will get 110 percent of the difference in the form of “on board credit. These cheap all inclusive vacation cruise packages can be found at 100 or less per night and include food and all the epic activities that come with a cruise vacation, and prices have even been found to be as low as 60 per person. Also, to get a better deal, pick a package with a room with no windows, as you will just be sleeping in there, and spending your day having fun on the ship.

Other Cheap All Inclusive Vacations Packages

If cruises just aren’t your cup of tea, by all means we totally understand, that is why below you will find 3 excellent places that offer cheap all inclusive vacations along with a detialed description of each.


Paradise Island Harbor Resort All Inclusive – Located right on the sugary white sandy beaches in the Bahamas, this resort gaurantees the best rates, so they can be a great resource when looking for cheap all inclusive vacations.


Seascape Resort In Destin – If you want to experience Florida without having to pay for the high prices that come with vacations in places like Miami Beach or Orlando, then the Seacape Resort in Destin has cheap all inclusive vacation packages. Guests here can enjoy golf, tennis, a private beach and on-site watersport rentals.


Mauana Lani Bay Hotel and Bungalows – This hotel is located right on the water and is on the Big Island of Hawaii and offers a secluded feel for those looking to get some privacy. Prices for 4 night stays can be found at as low as $735.

Puerto Rico

Wyndham Rio Mar Beach Resort and Spa – This resort is surrounded by lush green native forestry and is just steps away from the vibrant blue waters, which can be seen from the resort. Packages for this gem start at just $499.00 per person for a 4 night package.


Considering that the US dollar is worth much more in Cancun, you can find packages as low as 60 USD per night. A great spot in Cancun that offers cheap all inclusive vacations is the beachfront The Royal.

How To Save More On All Inclusive Vacations

  • For whichever resort or hotel you choose to stay at, search for promo codes which can often cut your cheap all inclusive vacation package in half. For example say you want to stay at the Paridise Island Comfort Suites, type in the name of the hotel followed by “promo code”.
  • Travel during the offseason, which means avoid major holidays and especially Spring Break.
  • Consider using a travel agent.
  • Go with a cheap all inclusive vacation package that has a hotel or resort room that is equipt with a full kitchen so you aren’t forced to eat out every meal.
  • Book your vacation in advance, 6 months or more if you can.

How To Get Cheap Florida Vacations

November 13, 2011

Cheap Florida Vacations

Cheap Florida Vacations

If you are looking for cheap Florida vacations, then we have some ideas for you that you can use to make your vacation awesome, without hurting your walet too much. By using our cheap Florida vacation tips, you will be venturing to a state which is sunny over 300 days a year and is one of the most laid back states out of all 50.

Cheap Florida Vacation Spots


Destin Florida is an awesome location to choose when looking for cheap Florida vacations. It offers a grand Florida vacation, but spares the prices that you would find in places like Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Daytona and other popular tourist spots. Since we are talking about cheap Florida vacations, you can travel to Destin all inclusive style by staying at the Seascape Resort, located right on the beach. Some of the benefits of staying at the Seascape Resort are:

  • It is located on 2000 feet of pristine sugary white sandy beach.
  • A Joe Lee 18 hole golf course.
  • 8 lighted tennis courts with on-site lessons.
  • Bike rentals with walking and biking trails on the property.
  • An oceanfront pool with multiple other pools.
  • Watersport rentals.
  • Large rooms equipt with kitchens, and fit up to 8 people comfortably.

This is one of the many places in Destin that offer fantastic deals. It is highly suggested that when you start your pursuit for cheap Florida vacations, give Destin a shot as there are always deals to be found, here and it is sort of a hidden gem and often forgotten by those looking to travel to Florida.


Key West is another great spot for Florida vacations, especially for people who enjoy great nightlife. There are two great spots in Keywest that you can consider when looking for cheap vacations to Florida:

  • Banana Bay Resort and Marina – This 3 start hotel is located just minutes away from downtown Keywest, and is engolfed by lush green tropical forestry, and has price as low as $160. Perks of the Banana Bay Resort and Marina are; horse shoe pits, a whirlpool and outdoor heated freshwater pool, a small private beach with snorkeling and other water sports, sail cruises, romantic walks on the marina and more. Also if you are staying at this hotel, a great and cheap place to dine is at the tiki style Blue Haven, offering breakfast and luch as well as dinner.


If you want to explore other options as far a all inclusive vacation providers go, there are many other fantastic all inclusive spots that you can use to make your vacation to Florida cost effective. Here are 5 other all inclusive resorts in Florida:

  • Club Med Resort (Port St. Lucie)
  • Sanibel Resort and Golf Club
  • Nickelodean Suites Resort (Orlando)
  • Lime Tree Bay Resort (Long Key)
  • Ocean Key Spa & Resort (Key West)

Other Cheap Florida Vacation Tips

  • Travel in the offseason if possible. Avoid major holidays and especially Spring Break, try to go the month before or the month after these times.
  • Try to rent vacation homes as rates can be much lower than what you would pay at a traditional resort or hotel.
  • Considering camping instead of staying in a hotel or resort.
  • Book way in advance, 6 months or more if possible.
  • Book through a travel agent, as they are affiliated with organizations for flights and hotels as well as can get you deals for activities while you are in Florida.


How To Get Cheap Hawaii Vacations

November 13, 2011

Cheap Hawaii Vacations

Cheap Hawaii Vacations

If you are looking for cheap Hawaii vacations, there are various way and websites that can result in a vacation at a fraction of the full price tag. Before you search any further, we have for you multiple tips that when used, can result in a much cheaper vacation without sparing the hawaii vacation experience!

  • Cruises – Hawaiian cruise prices are at an all time low and provide an excellent option when searching for cheap Hawaii vacations. There are so many cruise lines out there right now that are all trying to compete for your business, which puts you in the drivers seat to getting an excellent deal. Some cruise deals can have packages that cost the cruiser 80 per night, and often times much cheaper, even as low as 40 dollars. Cruises also offer buffet style inclusive meals taking out the cost of fine dining, and have so much to do on the ship, you will literally never get bored. If you want to tour the hawaiian islands on your cruise, you can book these guided tours within your entire cruise package, making your cheap hawaii vacation even cheaper. Good cruise lines are Celebrity, Norwegian, Disney and Carnival, and many of them actually guarantee you the best deal or the choice of either your money back or the difference in on ship credit.
  • Camping – If you want to avoid the often times high costs of resorts and hotels, you can always bring your camping gear and be perfectly comfortable in the warm Hawaiian weather. You can also for the most part cook your own food as well instead of dining in restaurants for each meal.
  • Hotels – If you are looking to hang out at the hotel or resort for most of your time, then by all means go with a luxury spot, but if not, you can find a cheap spot as you will just be sleeping there and spend your money on exploring hawaii. You can also go for places that are near major tourist spots, but just far enough away that they won’t have fees like tourist spot hotels.
  • Packages – Booking vacations with packages either by yourself or through a travel agent will enable you to bundle everything your going to do on your vacation into one flat fee, which will result in big discounts. These packages can include costs for; flights, hotels, food, tours, other recreation and more.
  • Offseason – Avoid at all costs times like; Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break. Going on months either before and after these times will result in a much cheaper Hawaiian vacation. Winter is said to be the cheapest season to travel to Hawaii.

Cheap Hawaii Vacations – Cheap Things To Do

If you need itinerary ideas, below are various spots in Hawaii that are must see’s, and don’t cost much at all making them great for cheap hawaii vacations activities.
  • Hawaii Volcano National Park – Located on the main island of Hawaii, and offers tours of the natural beauties. There is also an 18 mile scenic drive on the Chain of Craters Road which overs sweeping views of the ocean and lush tropical surroundings.
  • Akaka Waterfalls Park – Another great addition to your cheap hawaii vacation itinerary, and offers its guests front row seats to waterfalls that are over 400 feet high.
  • Waikiki Aquarium – This is a great spot where tourists can check out over 400 different aquatic species, and enjoy a piece of history as this museum is the 3rd oldest US aquarium.
  • Skyline Eco Adventures – Also on the main island of Hawaii, this spot is great for families as well as daredevils as it is home to 2000 foot long zip lines that shoot over the green rainforest.
  • Pipline – The famous pipline waters, home to some of the biggest waves and best surfing competitions, are located on the North Shore, and offer another fantastic addition to cheap Hawaii vacations.
  • Honolulu Academy or Arts – Admission is very cheap here and offers individuals the opportunity to observe over 50,000 pieces of art.

Good Sites That Offer Cheap Hawaii Vacations