How To Get Cheap Vacations

March 15, 2012

How To Get Cheap Vacations

Cheap Vacations

Cheap vacations come to those who are smart about their search, and that is why we created this list so that you can become familiar with methods that many either overlook or don’t know anything about. These cheap vacation methods provide you with a budget vacation but a 5 star experience, that will leave you with tons of incredible memories without having to break the bank to do so!

Cheap Vacations Methods

  1. What Is Your Money Worth? – Go somewhere where the US dollar is worth more than what is used there.
  2. Cruises – Cruises can offer your great vacation deals not only on the ticket price, as you can get your lodging and food for under $100 a night, but when it comes to activities off the cruise ship, cruise lines providing your with a myraid of different options which they provide these organizations offering these activities with some much business that the best deals are offered to the passengers because of it. You can also take advantage of cheap vacation packages on cruises for things like profession, age, group size, students, military and more.
  3. Lodging – As far as lodging goes, cheap vacations can come from considering alternatives to resorts like; motels, hostels, camping, bed and breakfasts, swapping houses with friends or family, or even staycations where you stay home and visit the most popular local attractions. No matter where you lodge, make sure it has a full kitchenette so you can grocery shop the day you get there and cook all of your meals, which you can make sandwhiches to take for lunch and won’t have to both come back to the room or have to eat at a pricey restaurant.
  4. Newsletters – Get on email/newsletters lists of travel providers like cruise lines, flight companies, resorts and more, get on the lists of vacation providers that offer you deals for places or vacation styles that you are looking for, as these lists are blasted out with great cheap vacations deals before anyone else even knows about them .
  5. Specialized Travel Agency – Visiting travel agencies can also bring about awesome cheap vacations packages, but you want to make sure and visit one that specializes in the type of vacation that you are looking to take as these places will find you the cheapest vacations, like for example if you are looking to go on a cruise then find a travel agency the specializes in booking cruises.
  6. Bonus Points – Check your credit card program to find out how many points you have racked up then check their travel section to see if these points can be converted into things for your vacations like lodging, flights or even the whole thing!
  7. Coupone Codes – Searching for coupone codes online can provide you with cheap vacations as well on anything from your flight to lodging and from restaurants to activities that you want to do on your trip.
  8. All inclusive – Discount vacations most always come from booking an all inclusive vacation, which you can get cheap vacations that are all inclusive through travel agencies as well.
  9. Discount Vacation Memberships – Sign up for a provider that offers discount vacation memberships or travel memeberships as they offer their members a myriad of different types of cheap vacations.
  10. Travel – Are you traveling somewhere where you can drive or take the train instead of flying? These options can save you money on your travel portion.
  11. Make Your Own Fun – Cheap vacations can also be attained by going to places like National Parks can allow you to be surrounded by beauty as well as things that are either cheap or free like fishing, hikes, onsite free museums, local attractions and more and come with cheap lodging, including camping as well as onsite cabins which are much cheaper than hotel rates.
  12. Volunteer Vacations – There are certain companies out there that allow you to volunteer some time on your vacation and provide you with lodging and even food.

Cheap Caribbean Vacation Packages – 7 Tried & True Methods

March 7, 2012

Cheap Caribbean Vacation Packages

Cheap Bahama Vacations


1. )  One of the most sure fired ways of getting cheap Caribbean vacation packages is to go on a cruise, as you can get a tropical Caribbean vacation for under $100 a night that includes food! Not only will you get a cheap Caribbean vacation package by booking a cruise, you will also get to experience various locations in the Caribbean unlike a traditional vacation where you are stuck at one spot the entire extent of your trip. Cruise lines also offer shore excursions that can consists of anything from scuba diving and helicopter tours to horseback riding and deep sea fishing, which the shore excursions options are literally endless. Cruise lines that offer great cheap Caribbean vacation packages include; Norwegian Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruises, Carnival Cruise Lines as well as Disney Cruise Lines.

Email Lists

2.)  The next method that should be utilized that has equated to cheap Caribbean vacation packages is getting on e-newsletters or email lists of many travel providers like cruise lines, resorts, travel bargain sites and more which they usually will offer you an option to select what you are looking out of your vacation, which you can select everything that applies to the Caribbean. Often times these sites will send out cheap vacation packages offers to their mail list before anyone else knows about them, letting you obtain a cheap caribbean vacation package first before they are all picked out.

Weaker Currency

3.)  Another method that can equate in very cheap vacation packages is to visit a spot in the Caribbean where the US dollar is worth more than the curreny they use. The US dollar is usually worth about 2 times more in Eastern Caribbean locations like Antigua and Dominica, which can allow you to get a cheap Caribbean vacation package in which you can save money on all parts of your vacation as your dollar will go further than it would in the states, no matter what you are buying.

Grand Resort & Spa

4.)  The Grand Resort & Spa in Kingston Jamaica offers you the opportunity to get cheap Caribbean vacation packages in the form of up to 60% off if you book your flight at the same time, as well as offer free lodging for kids 12 and under, so this can be a great spot for taking the whole clan with you!


5.)  As far as other lodging options go, you can always consider utilizing different styles of lodging, like camping or staying at a hostel where you can stay for as low as $15 a night, like at National Park Backpackers in Costa Rica which puts you right in the middle of Manuel Antonio National Park for as little as $15.77 a night. You can also consider staying just outside popular cities where lodging prices are a lot lower, but stilll close to the big city where you want to be for most of your trip.

Travel Agent

6.)  Cheap Caribbean vacation packages can also be attained by visiting a travel agent, who can get you deals on anything from airfare, lodging, activities, rental cars and more. You can also go to a specialized travel agents, say one that has a main focus of booking cruises, if you want to go on a cruise, as they will offer the best deals because that is all they do, making them very networked with most all cruise lines.

Can Cun

7.)  Okay, not quite the Caribbean but if you go to the Yucatan Peninsula it overlooks the Caribbean! This cheap Carribean vacation packages alternative offers super cheap loding and a myriad of different incredible activities, such as racing exotic cars, dolphin cruises, golf, check out the ruins, deep sea fishing and more. You can even consider an all inclusive spot which the Le Blanc Spa & Resort offers all inclusive stays, which can save you very big!

The last tip that we can give you when searching for cheap Caribbean vacation packages is to both book early as well as book in the off-season, which in the Caribbean the off-season tends to be from late April to early December.

How To Get Cheap Bahama Vacations

February 28, 2012

Cheap Bahama Vacations

Cheap Bahama Vacations

When it comes to getting cheap Bahama vacations, you can do so and not have to worry about the US dollar being worth less that the Bahamian dollar, unlike most other tropical out of the country vacations, so you are already off to a good start! As far as what you can do there, the activities are endless, ranging from snorkeling and golfing to deep sea fishing and diving as well as jet skiing and most importantly working on your awesome Bahamas tan. Now these things can be much more enjoyable when you know in the back of your mind that you can obtained your Bahama vacation for cheap, which below we provide 3 different methods that can add to your peace of mind on your trip, allowing you to get a cheap Bahama vacation!

  1. One of the most sure fired ways of getting cheap Bahama vacations is by taking a cruise to the Bahamas as you can get this vacation for under $100 a night with food included. You will be on a floating 5 star resort with more activities than you can pack in on your trip as well as offered excellent deals on shore excursions that allows you to experience the Bahamas for a lot cheaper than you would if you weren’t booking your activities with the cruise line. A great way to get the best deals on your cheap Bahama vacation cruise is to book your cruise with a travel agent that specializes in booking crusies. Some great cruise lines to check out that offer cheap Bahamas vacations on their cruise ships are; Carnival Cruise Lines, Norwegian Cruise Lines and Disney Cruise Lines. A tip though, it you are booking cheap Bahama vacations through cruise lines, do not buy plane tickets through them as they jack the prices way up.
  2. For lodging you can also consider staying in a place like a hostel where prices can be found as low as 15 dollars a night, with many of them being on or near the beach as well as in popular towns where you intend to spend most of your time in. Other options that you can utilize for cheaper lodging include bed and breakfasts, motels as well as camping. If you want to stay in a hotel or resort, better deals can come from booking lodging right outside a popular city, as surrounding cities offer better deals on lodging.
  3. As far as cheap places to stay in the Bahamas a great spot to stay is the Cookies Cabanas which offer rooms that have 3 beds in total and can be rented for only 90 dollars a night, and they just happened to be situated right on the pinkish white sandybeach, as well as being surrounded by tropical forestry, towering cliffs and more offering your cheap bahama vacations with a front row seat to the tropical waters!
  4. There are a myraid of different websites that offer deals, some good some not so go which a couple providers that are known to provide cheap Bahama vacations as well as great all inclusive vacations to the Bahamas are; Orbitz and Hotwire and as far as great websites go for lodging, is no doubt one of the best of them all as they provide discounts on lodging that are most always 50 percent or more less than the regular price you would pay by paying for the loding directly.
  5. You can also come up on great Bahama vacation deals by getting on different email lists of travel providers like cruise lines, flight companies, resorts and more who offer deals to their email list, often times before anyone else even knows about them.
  6. No matter where you go in the Bahamas or what kind of vacation you go on, remember cheap Bahama vacations can no doubt come from booking early as well as booking last minute as well as off season travel will bring about the best deals, and also remember to try and get a place with a full kitchen as you will be able to cook your meals instead of spending a lot more in restaurants.

How To Get Super Cheap Tropical Vacations

February 21, 2012

Cheap Tropical Vacations

Cheap Tropical Vacations

Cheap tropical vacations are much more enjoyed than expensive ones! Due to this fact we want to lend a helping hand in assisting you in finding a great discounted tropical vacation so you can enjoy spending more money on fun things on your vacation instead of blowing it on things like lodging and flights. Below we have compiled a list of ideas that can help you in your pursuit for cheap tropical vacations.

  1. The most sure fired way of obtainin cheap tropical vacations is to go to a tropical place where the US dollar is worth more than what is used there, as not only will it make your lodging cheaper, it will also make every other part of your vacation cost less like for food, activities, entertainment, souveniers, the flight back and more. The best way to find out if the US dollar is worth more is to utilize a currency converter which can be found on a myriad of websites online.
  2. Another great way to get tropical vacations for cheap is to consider lodging alternatives like staying in a hostel, bed and breakfast or motel which can allow you to get away with paying double digits for nightly rates steering your clear of the three didgit prices that comes from staying in hotels and resorts. This can help you save big in expensive spots like Hawaii. If you want to stay in a hotel or resort, try to find one that is all inclusive so that you won’t have to pay high prices for food in restaurants. You can also save big money on your tropical vacation by booking your stay in a town that is nearby which offer better rates than more popular tourist cities. Camping can also offer you a way to save a lot of money on what you would pay for hotels or resorts, which many places offer you the opportunity to camp on or very close to the beach.
  3. Cheap tropical vacations can be found on cruise ships, where you can get your whole vacation for less than $100 a night which includes food as well. These cruise ships offer excellent deals on shore activities as well as they provide them with huge business allowing them to negotiate deals on bulk orders, allowing you to enjoy the same activities you would enjoy if you traveled solo, for much cheaper. Cruises travel to all types of tropical places like Hawaii, Mexico, Caribbean, Bahammas, Austrailia, Asia and more, which it is advised that you book your trip early or late which is when the best deals can be found, as well as booking in Janurary through early March as this is where the best new years deals can be found.
  4. Don’t  forget to check your awards points on your credit card rewards programs, as this can offer you cheap tropical vacations to various places, or maybe enough points to afford flights or lodging.
  5. Using travel agents can be another great way to get a cheap tropical vacation, which you can set up meetings with various travel agencies and go with the one that offers you the best deal. Great deals can also be found by booking last minute through travel agencies.
  6. Joining different e-newsletters can offer you the chance to be on a email list of resorts, flight companies, crusie companies and more who often email out deals to their list before they let anyone else know about them.
  7. Off season travel can also bring about discounted tropical vacations.
  8. You can also do a shorter trip where you can pack all the things you want to do into a couple or few days, allowing you to get the most out of a shorter trip, allowing you to save in the money you would have spent on a longer trip.
  9. Cheap tropical vacations can also be found by doing an internet search where you can enter “cheap vacations to” and then the location you wish to travel to. You can also find the best deals by compiling a list of 5 spots that you would consider traveling to on your vacation and utilizing this same method on all locations, allowing you to find the cheapest vacation spot.
  10. Flying during the middle of the week can offer you the cheapest flights on your tropical vacation.
  11. Lastly, a couple great spots that you can find cheap tropical vacations at are Cancun Mexico, Margarita Island in the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Argentina as well as various spots in Fiji, which these places offer you the chance to have your US dollar go much further as it is worth at least 2 times the amount as the currency used in these parts of the world as well as are known to offer lower prices on lodging compared to resorts in the states.


Cheap Island Vacations – Destinations & Other Cheap Ideas

February 14, 2012

Cheap Island Vacations

Cheap Island Vacations

If you are looking for cheap island vacations, we have created a list just for you about different spots that offer you the opporunity to enjoy and island getaway for a discount price as well as other all encompassing ideas that you can use to created an even cheaper island vacation!

Cheap Island Vacations Spots

Margarita Island (Carribean)

If you are looking for cheap island vacations then Margarita Island may just offer you the a great opportunity to do just that. The fact of the matter is that the US dollar is worth about twice the amount there, and can offer you a great Carribean island vacation that is much cheaper compared to more popular amd way more expensive spots in the Carribean like the Cayman Islands. You will be surrounded by tropical forestry, transpartent blue waters and laid back locals where you can purchase food, activities and lodging for a fraction of what you would pay in the states. Other great cheap spots in the Carribean include Trinidad, Guadeloupe and Barbados which are locations where the US dollar goes much further than it does in the states.

Cancun (Mexico)

The Dreams Cancun Resort and Spa can offer you very cheap rates and great packages all while offering a high class near 5 star lodging experience. There is also so much to do in this cheap island vacation spot like racing exotic cars, parasailing, disco boat cruies, swimming with the dolphins, horseback riding, check out the El Rey Ruins, waterparks and more. This is a great cheap island vacation for colleges students and young adults as it is known for being a party place but offers a beautiful vacation for all ages looking to get away and escape to a tropical area on a budget. You can also get even better deals in Cancun if you travel there after the Fall has passed and before spring break hits.

Other Cheap Island Vacations Methods

  • You can consider staying at a camping ground and either pitching a tent or staying in a one of the on-site lodges. This can be a great opportunity to save on both lodging fees as it is much cheaper than hotels and resorts, as well as save on food costs as you can pretty much cook all of your meals. This method can be used for more expensive spots like Hawaii where you can get stay at some of the most beautiful locations the Hawaiian Islands has to offer, but do it at a fraction of the cost compared to staying in a resort.
  • You can also consider staying at a hostel or a bed and breakfast which offer much lower prices.
  • You can also consider a house swap if you happen to know someone who lives on an island, which is another great method of obtaining cheap island vacations, which you can even offer to housesit for them while they are gone.
  • No matter what location you are looking to go to for you cheap island vacation, use a currency exchange calculator to figure out if the US dollar is worth more or less than the currency used there. This is one of the most sure fired ways of getting cheap island vacations, where aspect of your vacation becomes cheaper.

How To Get Disney World Vacation Packages Cheap – 9 Methods

February 8, 2012

Disney World Vacation Packages Cheap

Disney World Vacation Packages Cheap

You can find Disney World vacation packages cheap but you need to know the methods that yeald these cheap packages, which is where we come in. We have for you a myraid of diffent ways to get discount Disney World vacation pacakges, that offer the same amount of fun just at a lower cost!

  1. Going to a travel agency can provide cheap Disney World vacation packages if you go to the right one, as you will want to find one that has a specialty of booking vacations for travlers going to Disney World. This can bring about cheap vacations on all aspects of your trip, which if you want to make sure you are getting the best deal, you can visit multiple traveling agencies and compare prices of all of them and go with the cheapest price offered.
  2. Off-season travel is one of the most sure fired ways of getting Disney World vacation packages cheap, so if you can be flexible in when you are willing to do your traveling, it can work to your advantage.
  3. Signing up for e-newsletters provided by various providers specifically for Disney World can bring about  Disney World vacation packages cheap. These are email news send outs where if your email address is on their database then you will be notified of special promotions and deals, often times before anyone else knows about them.
  4. Consider staying somewhere near the Lake Buena Vista which can offer lower prices than the high tourist prices offered in Orlando. You can also consider staying in cheaper lodging locations like hostels, bed and breakfasts, motels among others, which it is highly suggested that you book lodging with a kitchen as you can cook your own meals as well as pack your own lunches to eat at the theme park.
  5. Keep on the look out for TV advertisements as often times there are Disney World vacation packages cheap offered on the TV which you can call in and book your trip for the price advertised.
  6. Also check your rewards points program on your credit card if your have one as you may have enough points racked up in your backoffice to be able to get pay for a Disney vacation package.
  7. Disney World packages are offered in all shapes and sizes, which when going through a provider that offers Disney World vacation packages cheap, you can check prices on all the things you want it to include then search online for providers that provide everything the vacation package would offer and see if better prices come from buying seperately from the package provider.
  8. Craigslist can be another awesome place to look for cheap Disney World vacation packages as often times people end up not being able to go on their vacation and sell packages for half off or even less. If you opt to use this method, make sure you are doing business with someone local so you can verify if the package is legitimate, which you can call the provider of the package that they booked it with and verify if it is real before buying it from them,
  9. Lastly Disney World vacation packages cheap can come from contacting Disney World directly can bring about great deals, which one can get by ASKING, as you never know what they will say if you ask them for a better deal. If you are looking to go on longer trips like 5 or more days, many of the Disney resorts like the All-Star Disney resorts often provides a free nights stay.


How To Get Very Cheap Vacation Packages

February 7, 2012

Cheap Vacation Packages

Cheap Vacation Packages

The first thing to keep in mind when searching for cheap vacation packages is to stay flexible when it comes to the itinerary of the trip, as having an open mind on when you allow your vacation to be can open up very big savings. This can mean traveling in the off-season which isn’t always a bad as this is the time where there will be the least amount of tourists, leaving you with a more stree free getaway. Below are even more ways that you can utilize when looking for cheap vacation pagckages.

  1. One of the most sure fired ways of getting a discount vacation packages is to book through a travel agent, but not any travel agent, on that specializes in what you want to do. Per say if you are looking to go on a cruise, find a travel agent that specializes in booking cruises as they will not only be able to get you a deal on the cruise but everything else that encompasses a cruise vacation. A travel agent will also show you other towns and cities you can stay in that are close to where you want to vacation but cost a lot less for lodging. You can also employ the services of multiple agents and go with the one who provides the best deal. Agents can also advise you on weather patterns that can develop where you want to go, and keeping you from booking a vacation during these times avoiding your from taking a wet vacation.
  2. Consider traveling somewhere where the US dollar is worth more than the dollar there. By using this method you can literally get cheap vacation packages that are not cheap at all, as they can bring luxury living and vacation activities that cost a fraction compared to what you would pay in the US.
  3. Cheap vacation packages can also come in the form of going all-inclusive, but you may even be able to find better deals by finding out what the all inclusive package is and all it includes that checking prices seperately for all the the vacation included to verify if the best prices is coming from the all inclusive package.
  4. Cheap vacation packages can also come with traveling on a train instead of a plane.
  5. Rember to ask about discounts that inolve things like your profession, age, goups, singles, couples, honeymoons or basically anything that may apply to your personal situation.
  6. Consider staying in different types of lodging like bed and breakfasts, camping, hostels, etc. Also booking a place with a full size kitchen can allow you to cook meals in your room instead of paying the high restaurant prices.
  7. Signing up for travel e-newsletters can bring cheap vacation packages as there are a host of different airlines, cruise lines, resorts and more that offer these e-newsletters in which they advertise deals and discounts to their email list before they advertise it anywhere.
  8. Holiday clubs can also bring your cheap vacations, which you can become a member of and be notified of deals on all different types of vacations. Often times you can become a member for free.
  9. Check your rewards program points on your credit card if you have one. Rewars points can add up quick which your account may just have enough to pay for your flight, hotel or even the whole trip!
  10. The last way to save over and above getting on cheap vacation packages is that wherever the vacation ends up taking you, leave your credit card at home. This can mean just traveling with cash, budgeting what you are going to spend and bringing just enough to cover that budget, or if you aren’t comfortable traveling with cash, then you can consider opening up a debit account putting the amount of cash in the account that you budgeted for your vacation.



How To Get Very Cheap Vacation Deals

February 1, 2012

Cheap Vacation Deals

Cheap Vacation Deals

Cheap vacation deals can start with lodging in the right place, which cheap lodging can be found in bed and breakfasts, campsites which offer cabins as well, hostels and more. You can also consider traveling in groups, housesitting for a friend, traveling in the off season, all inclusive packages or even taking the training to cut traveling expenses. But the savings don’t stop here as there are a myriad of other different methods that can help you save big, which we have compiled a list of a host of methods you can use to get the cheapest vacation deal possible!

Methods That Create Cheap Vacation Deals

Currency – Go somewhere where the US dollar is worth more than the currency that is used there, which some great spots where this is the case are; Mexico, Nepal, Greece, Ireland, Mexico and more. This is seriously the most sure fired way to find the best deals on vacations, where you pay a fraction of the price on every aspect of your vacation like lodging, activities and food compared to what you would pay in the states.

Vegas – Cheap vacation deals can also be found by traveling to Las Vegas as the luxury resorts charge virtually nothing for their nightly fees as they are hoping that you spend all of your money in the casinos. Which if you aren’t a big gambler, then you can spend you money on other forms of entertainment like the award winning shows, riding the rides on top of the Stratosphere, taking tours and getting your tan on at the pool and hot tub!

Travel Agencies – Cheap vacation deals can also be found through travel agancies, but the thing with finding the best deals is to find a travel agency the specializes in what your vacation is going to consist of, like for example if you are going on a cruise, find a travel agent that specializes in booking cruises. Speaking of cruises, they can be a great way to enjoy a cheap vacation and get an experience of some of the most beautiful exotic locations. You can also employ 3 or 4 different travel agencies and go with the one that offers you the best deals. Also ask your agent to tell them that you are a VIP customer as this can help get you cheap vacation packages as well as upgrades. You can also note what deals the travel agency can get you on your trip and all it includes, like for example check the price of your flight and then check with airlines to find out if they can beat this price.

Promo Codes – No matter where you are going or what type of lodging your are going to be using, search for promo codes for them. Like for example if you are looking to stay at one of the Disney resorts, search the internet for “Disney resorts promo codes”. You can also use this method for your plane tickes and even activities that you are looking to do on your trip.

Credit Cards – If your credit card provider offers rewards programs, check your travel points! You may be able to use these points to get your airfare paid for or even pay for your lodging.

Staying Closeby – Staying in a popular tourist town will naturally bring higher prices in pretty much every aspect of ones getaway, but if you would be willing to consider staying in a town that is near the town you want to spend most of your time at, you can result in a cheaper vacation and either rent a car, take the bus or walk to where you want to be.

Lodging – When you are booking your lodging, do your best that either offers a full size kitchen that allows you to shop for your meals and cook them in the room, and/or offers at least one meal that is included.

Ask – By asking and even negotiating, you can get cheap vacation deals which are deals that they may not have even told you about before.




Cheap Miami Vacations For Both Lodging & Vacation Activities

January 26, 2012

Cheap Miami Vacations

Cheap Miami Vacations

If you are heading out to Florida, but short on the cashflow, no worries as there are cheap Miami vacations methods that you can use to save big on your getaway! Not only can you save big, but you will be doing so in one of the most famous US cities, not to mention one of the most romantic if you are looking to getaway with your significant other. You will be surrouned by a myriad of fund things to do like, the Miami Seaquarium, Coconut Grove, Zoo Miami, the Everglades swamps, South Beach, both a parrot and monkey jungle, and of course the famous South Beach offering great nightlife and enterainment. If you are ready to enjoy all that Miami has to offer but do it on a budget, than read our list of discount Miami vacations ideas.

Cheap Miami Vacation Methods

Lets face it, not everyone has a buddy that lives in Miami that they can house sit for, which if you do, by all means call him/her up now! But if you don’t cheap Miami vacations can also be obtained by using one or more of the following methods below.

  • Hostels – Okay now before you move onto the next method, consider that hostels can actually put you right near the beach for about 10 percent of the cost that a resort would charge. For example, lets take the Deco Walk Hostel, which is located on Ocean Drive, literally steps away from the beach, which you can have for as low as $18 a night per person, talk about a cheap Miami vacacation! Or you can stay at the South Beach Hostel, putting you in the middle of all the action for as little as $20 a night. These places can even come with things like pools and hot tubs, free internet access as well as complimentary breakfast.
  • Camping – Did you know that you can camp at the Miami Everglads Campgrounds in a cabin for $49, or if you are traveling in a bigger group, a 2 bedroom cabin can be rented for $109 a night, where there are bbq’s where you can cook some or all of your meals  The campground also offers a daily list of activities which can include; bean bag baseball, movie nights, happy hour, sports games and classes, bingo, horseshoe, yoga, ping pong as well as dancing and music. Not to mention that you are immersed in the lush tropical everglades, where one of the most unique ecosystems lives, which you can take nature walks through as well as visit one of the many National Parks, hikes and trails, canoeing and so much more.
  • B & B’s – Bed and breakfast spots can offer both lower prices as well as a relexing and quaint environment that allows you to really relax and enjoy yourself. A great bed and breakfast in Miami is the Miami Guest House where you can get rates as low as $40 to $90 a night, which the price includes your breakfast (obviously!).
  • Cheap Miami vacations can also result from booking with a travel agency who can bring deals on all aspects of your trip, as travel agent are very networked with resorts and hotels as well as all the tourist activities in the most travel popular cities.

Cheap or Free Things To Do In Miami

To make your cheap Miami vacation even cheaper, there are awesome things to do in Miami that one can partake in for cheap or even free when hangin out on the tropical beaches gets old like:

  • Miami Art Museum which offers free admission on every single Sunday as well as the Second Saturday of each month.
  • There are also free movies showing all throughout the year at Soundscape.
  • For the kids, the Miami Science Museum offers free star shows on the first Friday of every month, also known as the Wintraub Observatory Star Show.\
  • Visiting Free Gardens Miami can allow you to enjoy free admission to some of the most vibrant lush gardens in the country.
  • Free live jazz concerts can be enjoyed on the last Friday of each month at MOCA.
  • Surf lessons can make your cheap Miami vacation super fun, where you can learn a new skill for very cheap!

Seven Cheap Romantic Vacations Ideas

January 25, 2012

Cheap Romantic Vacations

Cheap Romantic Vacations

Cheap romantic vacations can be just as good as expensive one, as just like the country singer Darius Rucker sings “It may not be no French Riviera, but its all the same to me as long as I’m with you!”. These vacations can be cheap in terms of money but rich in joy, fulfillment and love! The vacations can also allow the couple to get to know each other better without having to empty out the bank account. If you are ready to get away with your significant other, but don’t know what to do, let us lend a helping hand in your pursuit as below are a host of different ideas that you can use for a cheap couples getaway!

Cheap Romantic Vacations Ideas

  • Camping – If your are an outdoorsy couple, camping can be an excellent way to make your romantic vacation cheap, and you can even stay at some of the most beautiful place in the world, like national parks or right on or near the beach for as little as $20 a night. Campsites will allow you to camp right under the stars as well as provide a myriad of different outdoor activities that are completely free like hikes, fishing, enjoying the wildlife, flying kites, enjoying each other by the campfire and more. Best of all you can cook most or all of your meals as well as bring your own bottle of wine with no corking fee! Cabins are also available for those looking for more of a traditional vacation experience, which the cabins often can be rented for very low prices.
  • Bed & Breakfasts – Cheap romantic vacations can also come from searching for bed and breakfasts in the area that you intend on vacationing to, as bed and breakfast lodging has known to come with low prices as well as a very quaint and romantic environment as well as include breakfast!
  • Hotsprings – Visiting a hotsprings lodge can put a couple right in the middle of nature all while relaxing in soothing warm hotsprings waters. These locations are also usually off the beaten track just far enough to be able to enjoy privacy, but are also close enough to walk to town which can offer botique shopping, fine dining restaurants, entertainment and more. These places can come with campsites as well as lodges that can be as low as $40 a night.
  • Couples Cruises – Cruising can also offer a great romantic getaway for very cheap, as prices are most always under $100 a night and can be found for as low as $60 a night. Couples can enjoy eating breakfast on their private balcony in their room, couples massages, enjoying the live entertainment and big screen movies together, all while enjoying the exotic scenary every direction your look. Couples cruises are offereing by both Carnival Cruises as well as Holland America Cruise Lines which couples can mingle with other couples or just enjoy time together alone, which they offer certain packages that have great deals like for honeymoons, romance, weddings, renewal of vows.
  • Staycations – Staycations can be great for those maybe looking to do a weekend vacation trip, as you can visit a nearby city and crash course your vacation, doing all the fun things the city has to offer, or the opposite, just relax at the hotel or on the beach or somewhere in the city. If one choose to use this discounted romantic vacation method, they could do guided tours, hit waterparks and/or themeparks, bowling, dinner and a movie, hike and walks, wine tasting, watersports and concerts. This can be another great option to use bed and breakfasts on.
  • Riding The Traing – Taking a train ride to your destination will not only save you money when it comes to paying for gas or flights, but can offer a lot of time together without having to worry about driving.
  • Book Early or Last Minute – Another thing to keep in mind, wherever vacation spot you end up choosin is that booking way in advance can bring awesome deals as well as last minute booking, even if it is peak season.

Cheap Romantic Vacations – Most Romantic Spots

When it comes to romantic vacations, all locations are not created equal, which below are the top 10 most romantic vacation destinations in the entire US, which you can use the cheap romantic vacations methods below in these cities to get the altimate romantic getaway!

  1. Honolulu, Hawaii
  2. Charleston
  3. San Francisco, California
  4. New Orleans
  5. Sante Fe, New Mexico
  6. San Diego, Calfornia
  7. San Antonio, Texas
  8. Las Vegas, Nevada (Some of the best resorts can be found as low as $30 a night, as these places are hoping you spend your money on gambling!)
  9. Miami, Florida (Although Destin is one of the cheapest places to stay in Florida)
  10. New York City, New York