How To Get Cheap International Airline Tickets – 9 Ways

April 24, 2012

Cheap International Airline Tickets

Cheap International Airline Tickets

The first real way to get cheap international airline tickets that is a more long term solution while you are utlizing other methods is simply keeping tabs on the prices of flight tickets. Flight prices bounce up and down, never residing at one set price, so when prices drop into the price range that you are willing to pay, get the credit card out! Now this is one of the more sure fired methods to gettin cheap international flights, but there are other methods that you can use that can help you get the best deal, which we compiled a list below.

How To Get Cheap International Airline Tickets

1.)  One of the best ways to getting international flight tickets is to visit a travel agency, which you can visit one that specializes in booking just flights as they often can provide the best deals. Due to the fact that over 50 percent of flights are still booked through travel agencies, it proves that there are still deals to be had as travel agencies are very networked with all that encompasses traveling and can not only be able to get you cheap international airline tickets but deals on loding, rental cars and more.

2.)  Booking early is another way to go, anywhere from 3 to 6 months in advance will allow you to secure good deals that wouldn’t be available if you were booking a few weeks before. But if you are more of a last minute type, deals on international flights can be made available to you by waiting standby, but is a lot more risky! Also remember if you cannot afford the ticket when you are planning the trip, you can always book a flight reservation early and save up the funds to pay when the day comes that you have to pay.

3.) It has also been proved that cheap plane tickets can come from booking through two different flight companies, where you would book your flight to your choosen destination through one provider and your returning trip through another flight company.

4.)  As far as cheap international flights on the return trip, traveling to a location where your currency is worth more than what is used there can result in being able to get cheap flight tickets through the foreign flight company that is flying you back home. Not only can this result in cheap international airline tickets, it can also allow you to save in whatever else you are spending on during your vacation as your currency is worth more and will go further everytime you spend money.

5.)  Keeping track of the most favored travel times of your choosen destination will help you avoid traveling during the most expensive times, and allow you to purchase the tickets during down times when less people are traveling to the international destination which is at a time where airlines are desperate to fill their seats and will offer deals in order to do so.

6.)  Don’t forget to use personal attributes to secure cheap international airline tickets. Things like being a single mom, serving your country, flying in a large group, traveling for your honeymoon, being a senior, being a student, under 18 and more. Asking the flight company representative if any personal discount apply to you can really help you save money that may not be available to other travelers.

7.) Statistics show that the cheapest days to fly are Tuesday through Thursday, which you can book both your to and from tickets during those days as well as consider flying at odd times during those days like at night or bright and early in the morning as they can bring better deals.

8.)  If you happen to be a student looking for cheap international student flights, a couple methods that can work wonders for you are applying for a International Student Identification Card which they run you anywhere from 30 to 50 dollars but can save you ten times that amount in both booking your flights as well as using it at hotels that take them as well as a wide variety of activities and other aspects of your travel. The other method that you can use is booking your flight through the Student Travel Agency (STA), which this is one of the most favored ways of getting students cheap international airline tickets.


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