How To Get Cheap Disneyland Tickets – Endless Methods

May 2, 2012

Cheap Disneyland Tickets

Cheap Disneyland TicketsGetting cheap tickets to Disneyland can be super easy, you just need to know the tricks of the trade. First off, the most sure fired way of going about getting cheap tickets is if you are a resident of the area where the Disneyland you are visiting is, which if it isn’t but you are visiting friends that do live in the area, then have them buy your tickets and you can pay them back, allowing you to get the deal. Other simple methods include asking about discounts like for college students which requires your student ID, being a senior, serving in the military or someone in your party served, on an anniversary trip, etc. If you are planning to go back a couple of times that year, you can invest in a season pass which are usually like twice the amount of a regular admission ticket, so once you go twice everytime after that is basically free.

You can also get cheap Disneyland tickets by staying one one of the disneyland hotels which allow direct access into the parks and give deals on admission when you book, which this can even bring you both cheap park hopper passes as well as the much loved “move to the front of the line” tickets at no extra charge. These are some basic methods that are often forgotten when booking tickets to Disneyland, but there are many others that you can utilize, which you can check out right below!

  1. Booking directly can be a great choice as well, which if you book on the Disneyland site a minimum of 8 days before you are looking to enter the park, you can get $40 off, which the site also offers other great valuable information that can allow you to get things like cheap dinner coupons, deals on transportation, deals on your stay and more.
  2. You can check Craigslist both long before as well as last minute as often times people can’t go for some reason on their stay and are looking to sell them for cheap just to get some money back. The best thing to do if you are going to go through this method is to check how long the ticket is good for by contacting Disney directly before purchasing, which they can also help you check if it is authentic.
  3. Visiting a travel agency can get you discount Disneyland tickets as travel agents are always booking Disneyland admission tickets for their guests who are visiting areas that offer themepark locations, so they are networked with the parks, allowing them to get you great deals on tickets as well as lodging, renting vehicles, flight tickets and more.
  4. There are also sites out there where you can get coupon codes which can be used to purchase Disneyland tickets, which you can try to use them when you book, which you can also look for these to use on every other aspect of your vacation, like activities and your flight and more.

Also for those who are looking for cheap disneyland tickets for the Southern California location and are looking to do some park hopping to other themeparks, it should be known that you can get deals by purchasing what it called a Southern California City Pass, which allows you to get deals on Disneyland tickets along with SeaWorld, the San Diego Zoo along with Knotts Berry Farm, usually 30 percent total savings. Also remember that birthdays can often get your free admission as well as traveling in a group, which if you do so on your birthday your whole group may be able to get a discount. Lastly when searching for cheap Disneyland tickets remember to keep an eye out for commercials as advertisements are often put up by Disney offering deals on admission during a certain timeframe.


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