How To Get Cheap Vacations

March 15, 2012

How To Get Cheap Vacations

Cheap Vacations

Cheap vacations come to those who are smart about their search, and that is why we created this list so that you can become familiar with methods that many either overlook or don’t know anything about. These cheap vacation methods provide you with a budget vacation but a 5 star experience, that will leave you with tons of incredible memories without having to break the bank to do so!

Cheap Vacations Methods

  1. What Is Your Money Worth? – Go somewhere where the US dollar is worth more than what is used there.
  2. Cruises – Cruises can offer your great vacation deals not only on the ticket price, as you can get your lodging and food for under $100 a night, but when it comes to activities off the cruise ship, cruise lines providing your with a myraid of different options which they provide these organizations offering these activities with some much business that the best deals are offered to the passengers because of it. You can also take advantage of cheap vacation packages on cruises for things like profession, age, group size, students, military and more.
  3. Lodging – As far as lodging goes, cheap vacations can come from considering alternatives to resorts like; motels, hostels, camping, bed and breakfasts, swapping houses with friends or family, or even staycations where you stay home and visit the most popular local attractions. No matter where you lodge, make sure it has a full kitchenette so you can grocery shop the day you get there and cook all of your meals, which you can make sandwhiches to take for lunch and won’t have to both come back to the room or have to eat at a pricey restaurant.
  4. Newsletters – Get on email/newsletters lists of travel providers like cruise lines, flight companies, resorts and more, get on the lists of vacation providers that offer you deals for places or vacation styles that you are looking for, as these lists are blasted out with great cheap vacations deals before anyone else even knows about them .
  5. Specialized Travel Agency – Visiting travel agencies can also bring about awesome cheap vacations packages, but you want to make sure and visit one that specializes in the type of vacation that you are looking to take as these places will find you the cheapest vacations, like for example if you are looking to go on a cruise then find a travel agency the specializes in booking cruises.
  6. Bonus Points – Check your credit card program to find out how many points you have racked up then check their travel section to see if these points can be converted into things for your vacations like lodging, flights or even the whole thing!
  7. Coupone Codes – Searching for coupone codes online can provide you with cheap vacations as well on anything from your flight to lodging and from restaurants to activities that you want to do on your trip.
  8. All inclusive – Discount vacations most always come from booking an all inclusive vacation, which you can get cheap vacations that are all inclusive through travel agencies as well.
  9. Discount Vacation Memberships – Sign up for a provider that offers discount vacation memberships or travel memeberships as they offer their members a myriad of different types of cheap vacations.
  10. Travel – Are you traveling somewhere where you can drive or take the train instead of flying? These options can save you money on your travel portion.
  11. Make Your Own Fun – Cheap vacations can also be attained by going to places like National Parks can allow you to be surrounded by beauty as well as things that are either cheap or free like fishing, hikes, onsite free museums, local attractions and more and come with cheap lodging, including camping as well as onsite cabins which are much cheaper than hotel rates.
  12. Volunteer Vacations – There are certain companies out there that allow you to volunteer some time on your vacation and provide you with lodging and even food.
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