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5 Easy and Cheap Vacations For Couples in the USA

November 16, 2012

Cheap Vacations For Couples in the USAIf you are looking to get away from it all and set off for a romantic vacation filled with wonderful memories, but are worried about if you can afford it? Well not to worry, as we have compiled a list of different types of cheap vacations for couples as well as how to save even more on these vacation ideas!

Use us as your personal guide to finding cheap vacations for you and your significant other, ideas that will allow you to get away from the turmoil and get some much needed stress relief, all while doing it at a much lower costs than the average vacation.

Cheap Vacations For Couples Looking to Cruise

Cruises can yeild cheap vacations if you book them at the right time, combined with the fact that there are so many different cruise companies out there that all competing for your business. By avoiding holiday months and especially spring break times mainly during April, it can yeild a vacation that at many times costs lower than 100 dollars a day per person, and can even go as low as $40 and offer have meaning lower food costs, all while have romantic ocean views as far as the eye can see as well as stunning sunsets each night.

Great Cruise Lines That Offer Couples Cheap Vacations:

Norwegian Cruise Line
Celebrity Cruise Line
Disney Cruise Line

How To Save Even More On Cruises:

Visit which is the biggest website around dedicated to finding the cheapest cruises available. They also have a section called “romantic cruises” which is located at the bottom of their home page amongst the other cruise categories. (more…)

Must See Places all Travelers should Visit

November 15, 2012

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water slides into the mediterranean sea

Sicily, Italy


Regardless of where you live in the world there are wonders and amazing sites to be seen. Some may very well cost a pretty penny or more to travel to depending on your location. One thing I know for sure though is that if you look at the list below there’s most likely one or two places you could visit without great cost. Checkout the list of all the North American sites all you Couples should partake in together…

Places to travel in the US and Canada

Big Island, HI: Get a lomilomi massage at Four Seasons Resort Hualalai
Big Sur, CA: Stop along the Pacific Coast Highway at Redwood Grill
British Columbia: Heli-ski over the Bugaboo Mountains
Charleston, SC: Stroll the city’s private gardens
Chicago: Tour architectural landmarks
Churchill, Manitoba: Get face-to-face with polar bears
Houston: Admire art at the Rothko Chapel
Jackson Hole, WY: Go fly-fishing
Las Vegas: Drive a Ferrari at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway
Los Angeles: Spend a night out celeb-spotting
Maine: Devour the ultimate lobster roll at Clam Shack
Miami: Learn to salsa at Hoy Como Ayer
Montreal: Take a comfort food tour (more…)

How To Get Cheap Train Tickets With Ease With Our Methods

May 10, 2012

Cheap Train Tickets

Cheap Train Tickets

Between the accelerating gas prices and crazy people trying to text and drive, finding a cheaper way to travel even within the city becomes more necessary than ever. Trains have proven to be not only cheaper and safer than cars but also more fun, relaxing and enjoyable as you do not have to worry about getting lost, stranded or stopping for food; all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride. Trains can take you places, where cars have no access and you cannot see from a plane. You can sit back and take all the photos you want without having to pull over and worry about becoming the victim of a passing car.

With little effort, you can find discount train tickets depending on the time of year you choose and your destination. Traveling during the off season will of course bring you more choices as more train stations have sales of as much as half off, plus your destination will not be as crowded with seasonal tourist. Even if your yearly vacation time is in the middle of tourist season, with a little planning and research, you still do not have to pay full price even for an Amtrak ticket. One trick is to book your ticket on line, in advance and look for promotional codes and discounts such as for the military, seniors and children.

No matter where you are traveling to, there is always a train to get you around once you arrive. If your plan is to fly to Europe for a week’s vacation, there are plenty of trains to get you from country to country and most of them offer discounts and promotions to help with cost. Another trick is to plan your train trip during the week as the fares are discounted as much as 80 percent. You might not get an Amtrak spot but cheap train tickets do not mean cheap service because what ever train you get a ticket for will want you to come back again so they will try to give you the best service possible.

Other discounts to be aware of when looking for discounted train tickets include student advantage, National Association of Rail Passengers as well as AAA who also offers discounts to their members. Most train services offer discounts to people who book on line, book in advance or buy multiple tickets. If you are traveling in Europe, the most popular rail pass, which will give you the lowest train ticket price available, is the Eurail Pass and is good for as many as 18 countries. The Eurail Pass offers several classes of tickets to choose from some of which include first class, second class, third class and senior to name a few.

One of the most popular vacations is to take the Amtrak all the way across America where you will be able to visit over 500 destinations along the way and see America from a perspective only seen from a train. Amtrak is known for offering huge discounts through their 30-Day USA Rail Pass Adventure. But do not limit yourself to just Amtrak as other lines also offer cheap train tickets for your traveling pleasure.

How To Get Cheap Disneyland Tickets – Endless Methods

May 2, 2012

Cheap Disneyland Tickets

Cheap Disneyland TicketsGetting cheap tickets to Disneyland can be super easy, you just need to know the tricks of the trade. First off, the most sure fired way of going about getting cheap tickets is if you are a resident of the area where the Disneyland you are visiting is, which if it isn’t but you are visiting friends that do live in the area, then have them buy your tickets and you can pay them back, allowing you to get the deal. Other simple methods include asking about discounts like for college students which requires your student ID, being a senior, serving in the military or someone in your party served, on an anniversary trip, etc. If you are planning to go back a couple of times that year, you can invest in a season pass which are usually like twice the amount of a regular admission ticket, so once you go twice everytime after that is basically free.

You can also get cheap Disneyland tickets by staying one one of the disneyland hotels which allow direct access into the parks and give deals on admission when you book, which this can even bring you both cheap park hopper passes as well as the much loved “move to the front of the line” tickets at no extra charge. These are some basic methods that are often forgotten when booking tickets to Disneyland, but there are many others that you can utilize, which you can check out right below!

  1. Booking directly can be a great choice as well, which if you book on the Disneyland site a minimum of 8 days before you are looking to enter the park, you can get $40 off, which the site also offers other great valuable information that can allow you to get things like cheap dinner coupons, deals on transportation, deals on your stay and more.
  2. You can check Craigslist both long before as well as last minute as often times people can’t go for some reason on their stay and are looking to sell them for cheap just to get some money back. The best thing to do if you are going to go through this method is to check how long the ticket is good for by contacting Disney directly before purchasing, which they can also help you check if it is authentic.
  3. Visiting a travel agency can get you discount Disneyland tickets as travel agents are always booking Disneyland admission tickets for their guests who are visiting areas that offer themepark locations, so they are networked with the parks, allowing them to get you great deals on tickets as well as lodging, renting vehicles, flight tickets and more.
  4. There are also sites out there where you can get coupon codes which can be used to purchase Disneyland tickets, which you can try to use them when you book, which you can also look for these to use on every other aspect of your vacation, like activities and your flight and more.

Also for those who are looking for cheap disneyland tickets for the Southern California location and are looking to do some park hopping to other themeparks, it should be known that you can get deals by purchasing what it called a Southern California City Pass, which allows you to get deals on Disneyland tickets along with SeaWorld, the San Diego Zoo along with Knotts Berry Farm, usually 30 percent total savings. Also remember that birthdays can often get your free admission as well as traveling in a group, which if you do so on your birthday your whole group may be able to get a discount. Lastly when searching for cheap Disneyland tickets remember to keep an eye out for commercials as advertisements are often put up by Disney offering deals on admission during a certain timeframe.


How To Get Cheap International Airline Tickets – 9 Ways

April 24, 2012

Cheap International Airline Tickets

Cheap International Airline Tickets

The first real way to get cheap international airline tickets that is a more long term solution while you are utlizing other methods is simply keeping tabs on the prices of flight tickets. Flight prices bounce up and down, never residing at one set price, so when prices drop into the price range that you are willing to pay, get the credit card out! Now this is one of the more sure fired methods to gettin cheap international flights, but there are other methods that you can use that can help you get the best deal, which we compiled a list below.

How To Get Cheap International Airline Tickets

1.)  One of the best ways to getting international flight tickets is to visit a travel agency, which you can visit one that specializes in booking just flights as they often can provide the best deals. Due to the fact that over 50 percent of flights are still booked through travel agencies, it proves that there are still deals to be had as travel agencies are very networked with all that encompasses traveling and can not only be able to get you cheap international airline tickets but deals on loding, rental cars and more.

2.)  Booking early is another way to go, anywhere from 3 to 6 months in advance will allow you to secure good deals that wouldn’t be available if you were booking a few weeks before. But if you are more of a last minute type, deals on international flights can be made available to you by waiting standby, but is a lot more risky! Also remember if you cannot afford the ticket when you are planning the trip, you can always book a flight reservation early and save up the funds to pay when the day comes that you have to pay.

3.) It has also been proved that cheap plane tickets can come from booking through two different flight companies, where you would book your flight to your choosen destination through one provider and your returning trip through another flight company.

4.)  As far as cheap international flights on the return trip, traveling to a location where your currency is worth more than what is used there can result in being able to get cheap flight tickets through the foreign flight company that is flying you back home. Not only can this result in cheap international airline tickets, it can also allow you to save in whatever else you are spending on during your vacation as your currency is worth more and will go further everytime you spend money.

5.)  Keeping track of the most favored travel times of your choosen destination will help you avoid traveling during the most expensive times, and allow you to purchase the tickets during down times when less people are traveling to the international destination which is at a time where airlines are desperate to fill their seats and will offer deals in order to do so.

6.)  Don’t forget to use personal attributes to secure cheap international airline tickets. Things like being a single mom, serving your country, flying in a large group, traveling for your honeymoon, being a senior, being a student, under 18 and more. Asking the flight company representative if any personal discount apply to you can really help you save money that may not be available to other travelers.

7.) Statistics show that the cheapest days to fly are Tuesday through Thursday, which you can book both your to and from tickets during those days as well as consider flying at odd times during those days like at night or bright and early in the morning as they can bring better deals.

8.)  If you happen to be a student looking for cheap international student flights, a couple methods that can work wonders for you are applying for a International Student Identification Card which they run you anywhere from 30 to 50 dollars but can save you ten times that amount in both booking your flights as well as using it at hotels that take them as well as a wide variety of activities and other aspects of your travel. The other method that you can use is booking your flight through the Student Travel Agency (STA), which this is one of the most favored ways of getting students cheap international airline tickets.


Cheap Plane Tickets For Military

April 12, 2012

Cheap Plane Tickets For Military

Cheap Plane Tickets For Military

Before we jump into showing you exactly how to get cheap plane tickets for military we first just want to thank you for the service that you are providing to our country, many thanks!  Bear in mind that besides getting dicounted plane tickets for military service specifically, you can also get great deals by; flying during the middle of the week, flying early in the morning or late at night, waiting stand by, as well as booking through 2 flight providers which one will be for your flight to the destination and the other will be for your return ticket. Now that we have the most important part out of the way, allow us to show you how you can get rewarded for this service when it comes go cheap military flight tickets which you can use these methods to get cheap flights for domestic as well as international travel.

  1. The first thing you should do is contact the airline in which you wish to travel with and tell them that you are or were in the miltary and would like to know what type of discounts are offered. Now when you do this they may ask you to provide certain documentation to them which is usually done via fax and usually the only thing demanded is your military ID. Once they obtain the documentation that they need to verify the validity of your claim, you will get discount military plane tickets which often times you even get disounts on tickets for those whom you may be flying with. This method can be great, but in order to get the best deal, you can contact multiple flight companies and ask then go with the one that can provide you with the cheapest ticket. Cheap airline tickets for active duty are most always available through all flight companies so this is most definetely the most sure fired way og getting cheap travel deals. Also keep in mind that certain deals are also available through this method for those looking to travel home for a family holiday, which deals are most often found through private airlines.
  2. You can also go through a travel agent to get cheap plane tickets for military, as travel agents are very networked in the travel world and often times create packages that cater to those who serve the country. If possible try to visit a travel agent who specializes in booking plane tickets, which they are known as airline agencies, as they can find the best deals on flights.
  3. Also if you belong to the family of a martyr it is very possible that you can get the same or similiar deals and discounts by using the same methods above. Depending on the rank you hold or held, the discount you receive on your cheap plane ticket for military can be as much as 70 percent.
  4. If you happen to be a uniformed service member and are traveling with dependents you can utilize the Space A program where you can ride free in DOD aircraft seats at times when it will not cause an interference with any type of mission. This is also referred to as the Space A program in which you can fly for cheap to locations in the US as well as other countries, which the best way to find out about getting cheap plan tickets for military service from this method is do visit your nearest military terminal and inquire about it there.


Cheap Last Minute Vacations – Tips For When You Are Booking

March 30, 2012

Cheap Last Minute Vacations

Cheap Last Minute Vacations

The main key to getting cheap last minute vacations is flexibility, meaning that you have to be okay with taking something that you may not exactly love but are willing to deal with it to get the awesome deal that comes attatched with it. But last minute getaways are great as you don’t have to make any advanced reservations and can book anywhere between 6 weeks to as little as 3 hours before the vacation date, which is the timeframe where the best discount last mintue vacations can be found, but the key is to be ready to pull the trigger and book it as you may call back 5 mintues later and the deal is gone. With the ever growing number of flight companies as well as hotels and resorts, there are almost always vacancies on flights and in hotels allowing you to walk in and get deals that people who booked well in advance couldn’t even get as these companies would rather rent a room or sell you a flight at a discount and make some money than nothing at all. Now below are a few tips that and methods that you can use on your search that can help you secure cheap last minute vacation deals as well as ways to make your vacation cheaper.

Tips To Follow When Searching For Cheap Last Minute Vacations

First off making a list of 5 different locations that you are willing to visit is a great place to start as your first choice may not yeild good cheap last minute vacation deals, so you can move onto the next until one on your list pans out, or you can compare prices offered to you for all of your top 5 and go with the best deal. Also when setting out to book a last minute vacation be sure to ask the representative who you are talking to what are the best deals out there besides what they can offer you on where you want to go, as they may tell you about an exotic location you can get for less than where you orginally wanted to go. It is also just a known fact that the best deals usually come out of booking in the off season as well as in less popular spots, which is something to keep in mind as well. Below are a few other tips that can help you on your pursuit as well.

1.)  Cruises often times yeild some of the best cheap last minute vacations around, offering you the chance to get your cruise for much lower than $100 a night with meals included, but is also one of the riskiest ways to book your vacation as cabins fill in fast due to the fact that these cruise lines are offering the lowest deals in attempt to fill all of the cabins before the embark.

2.)  You can also employ the great services of a certified travel agency who can provider you with excellent last minute vacation discounts on all aspects of your vacation including your flight, hotel, rental car, activities, food and more.

3.)  Asking about specific deals is another way to get cheap last minute vacations as well, like discounts for groups, couples, singles, profession, age and more.

4.)  Another great way that has resulted in not only cheap last minute vacations but great deals in general is to book a vacation to somewhere where the the currency you use in your country is worth more than what is used to where you are looking to travel to. By going to place where your dollar goes further as well booking the vacation last minute, huge discounts can occur.

5.) You can also sign up for alerts on email lists of travel agencies, cruise lines, hotels, travel websites and more. Getting on these email lists will provide you with the opportunity to learn about cheap last minute vacations before anyone else does.

6.)  The last major thing to keep in mind when searching for cheap last minute vacation deals is to steer clear of trying to book in high traffic/peak season months, which can vary depending on where you want to travel to, as deals offered for peak season travel aren’t even really good deals, even the last minute ones. Now to even spice up your vacation, don’t forget to ask for upgrades, as standard room deals may be advertised but oceanfront suites and luxury villas may be on sale to and you may be able to get them last minute for a small amount more per night.

How To Get And Find The Best Vacation Deals

March 22, 2012

7 Methods That Bring About The Best Vacation Deals

Best Travel Deals


Cruising is really one of the best ways to get the best travel deals available, as you can literally get a cruise ticket for under $100 a night, which includes all 3 meals! Cruise lines also offer you shore excursions which are tings to do when the ship docks at the ports along the way, which there are a myriad of different activities offered at some of the most famous tourist attractions, which cruise lines are in cahoots with these tourist attrcations and can get better deals on them then one coule get if they booked seperately. This will give you a chance to get the best travel deals on every part of your getaway. Even better travel deals on cruises result from booking early, like 6 to 12 months before, as well as during the months of Janurary to early March as these months offer the best travel deals for cruise tickets.


Travel agencies can also provide you with some of the best travel discounts on the market, which they mostly book vacation packages which can allow you to bundle your whole vacation together and know exactly what you are going to be spending, which is always much cheaper than buying everything seperate. Just remember for your lodging, to get a place with a kitchen so you can cook your meals yourself and not have to eat out at pricey diners.


Make a list of the top 3 to 5 destinations you really want to visit, then compare vacation prices on all of them, then you can pick the one that providers you with the cheaest travel deal.


Go to a place where the the currency used in your state is worth more than the value of the dollar that is used at the destination. This will allow you to get the best travel deals on everything that ecompasses your vacation as your dollar will go further on everything you purchase.


Cheap vacation deals also come from visiting a place that is either less popular or visiting in the off-season, or both if possible.


The best travel deals can also be created from staying in a place that offers cheaper lodging, like for example staying in a hostel which offer super cheap prices, under 25 dollars per person in most places as well as many of them are in prime locations.


Some of the best travel deals are are also obtained by being a member of a vacation club, which yes they do come with a yearly membership, but say even if you had to spend $500 a year on membership fees, but saved $1000 per vacation then it would be well worth your money. Considering that the average family takes 2 vacations per year, being a member of a vacation club can bring you very big savings on your vacation.


If you happen to go through any website on the web that claims to offer the best vacation deals, make sure they offer a guaranteed deal, which if they don’t then move onto the next.


Las Vegas also offers some of the best vacation deals, especially on the lodging, as you can stay in some of the finest resorts in all of Las Vegas for as little as $40 a night as they are hoping you spend all your money at the casinos! If you are not a big gambler but like to have fun, there is plently to do in Las Vegas besides just gambling, like award winning shows, themepark rides and more.


You can also get on newsletter lists of different travel sources, like cruise lines and flight companies and more who send out emails every so often on some of the best vacation deals that they offer, which you can take advantage of them by signing up on these email lists of free.

How To Get Cheap Vacations

March 15, 2012

How To Get Cheap Vacations

Cheap Vacations

Cheap vacations come to those who are smart about their search, and that is why we created this list so that you can become familiar with methods that many either overlook or don’t know anything about. These cheap vacation methods provide you with a budget vacation but a 5 star experience, that will leave you with tons of incredible memories without having to break the bank to do so!

Cheap Vacations Methods

  1. What Is Your Money Worth? – Go somewhere where the US dollar is worth more than what is used there.
  2. Cruises – Cruises can offer your great vacation deals not only on the ticket price, as you can get your lodging and food for under $100 a night, but when it comes to activities off the cruise ship, cruise lines providing your with a myraid of different options which they provide these organizations offering these activities with some much business that the best deals are offered to the passengers because of it. You can also take advantage of cheap vacation packages on cruises for things like profession, age, group size, students, military and more.
  3. Lodging – As far as lodging goes, cheap vacations can come from considering alternatives to resorts like; motels, hostels, camping, bed and breakfasts, swapping houses with friends or family, or even staycations where you stay home and visit the most popular local attractions. No matter where you lodge, make sure it has a full kitchenette so you can grocery shop the day you get there and cook all of your meals, which you can make sandwhiches to take for lunch and won’t have to both come back to the room or have to eat at a pricey restaurant.
  4. Newsletters – Get on email/newsletters lists of travel providers like cruise lines, flight companies, resorts and more, get on the lists of vacation providers that offer you deals for places or vacation styles that you are looking for, as these lists are blasted out with great cheap vacations deals before anyone else even knows about them .
  5. Specialized Travel Agency – Visiting travel agencies can also bring about awesome cheap vacations packages, but you want to make sure and visit one that specializes in the type of vacation that you are looking to take as these places will find you the cheapest vacations, like for example if you are looking to go on a cruise then find a travel agency the specializes in booking cruises.
  6. Bonus Points – Check your credit card program to find out how many points you have racked up then check their travel section to see if these points can be converted into things for your vacations like lodging, flights or even the whole thing!
  7. Coupone Codes – Searching for coupone codes online can provide you with cheap vacations as well on anything from your flight to lodging and from restaurants to activities that you want to do on your trip.
  8. All inclusive – Discount vacations most always come from booking an all inclusive vacation, which you can get cheap vacations that are all inclusive through travel agencies as well.
  9. Discount Vacation Memberships – Sign up for a provider that offers discount vacation memberships or travel memeberships as they offer their members a myriad of different types of cheap vacations.
  10. Travel – Are you traveling somewhere where you can drive or take the train instead of flying? These options can save you money on your travel portion.
  11. Make Your Own Fun – Cheap vacations can also be attained by going to places like National Parks can allow you to be surrounded by beauty as well as things that are either cheap or free like fishing, hikes, onsite free museums, local attractions and more and come with cheap lodging, including camping as well as onsite cabins which are much cheaper than hotel rates.
  12. Volunteer Vacations – There are certain companies out there that allow you to volunteer some time on your vacation and provide you with lodging and even food.

Cheap Caribbean Vacation Packages – 7 Tried & True Methods

March 7, 2012

Cheap Caribbean Vacation Packages

Cheap Bahama Vacations


1. )  One of the most sure fired ways of getting cheap Caribbean vacation packages is to go on a cruise, as you can get a tropical Caribbean vacation for under $100 a night that includes food! Not only will you get a cheap Caribbean vacation package by booking a cruise, you will also get to experience various locations in the Caribbean unlike a traditional vacation where you are stuck at one spot the entire extent of your trip. Cruise lines also offer shore excursions that can consists of anything from scuba diving and helicopter tours to horseback riding and deep sea fishing, which the shore excursions options are literally endless. Cruise lines that offer great cheap Caribbean vacation packages include; Norwegian Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruises, Carnival Cruise Lines as well as Disney Cruise Lines.

Email Lists

2.)  The next method that should be utilized that has equated to cheap Caribbean vacation packages is getting on e-newsletters or email lists of many travel providers like cruise lines, resorts, travel bargain sites and more which they usually will offer you an option to select what you are looking out of your vacation, which you can select everything that applies to the Caribbean. Often times these sites will send out cheap vacation packages offers to their mail list before anyone else knows about them, letting you obtain a cheap caribbean vacation package first before they are all picked out.

Weaker Currency

3.)  Another method that can equate in very cheap vacation packages is to visit a spot in the Caribbean where the US dollar is worth more than the curreny they use. The US dollar is usually worth about 2 times more in Eastern Caribbean locations like Antigua and Dominica, which can allow you to get a cheap Caribbean vacation package in which you can save money on all parts of your vacation as your dollar will go further than it would in the states, no matter what you are buying.

Grand Resort & Spa

4.)  The Grand Resort & Spa in Kingston Jamaica offers you the opportunity to get cheap Caribbean vacation packages in the form of up to 60% off if you book your flight at the same time, as well as offer free lodging for kids 12 and under, so this can be a great spot for taking the whole clan with you!


5.)  As far as other lodging options go, you can always consider utilizing different styles of lodging, like camping or staying at a hostel where you can stay for as low as $15 a night, like at National Park Backpackers in Costa Rica which puts you right in the middle of Manuel Antonio National Park for as little as $15.77 a night. You can also consider staying just outside popular cities where lodging prices are a lot lower, but stilll close to the big city where you want to be for most of your trip.

Travel Agent

6.)  Cheap Caribbean vacation packages can also be attained by visiting a travel agent, who can get you deals on anything from airfare, lodging, activities, rental cars and more. You can also go to a specialized travel agents, say one that has a main focus of booking cruises, if you want to go on a cruise, as they will offer the best deals because that is all they do, making them very networked with most all cruise lines.

Can Cun

7.)  Okay, not quite the Caribbean but if you go to the Yucatan Peninsula it overlooks the Caribbean! This cheap Carribean vacation packages alternative offers super cheap loding and a myriad of different incredible activities, such as racing exotic cars, dolphin cruises, golf, check out the ruins, deep sea fishing and more. You can even consider an all inclusive spot which the Le Blanc Spa & Resort offers all inclusive stays, which can save you very big!

The last tip that we can give you when searching for cheap Caribbean vacation packages is to both book early as well as book in the off-season, which in the Caribbean the off-season tends to be from late April to early December.