Cheap Summer Vacations – Get Away This Summer For Cheap

January 18, 2012

Cheap Summer Vacations

Cheap Summer Vacations

Cheap summer vacations are very possible and at your avail, you just need to know where to look, which is where we come in and you get satisfied as below we have a myriad of different ideas that when used equate to inexpensive summer vacations! Instead of giving your a boring introduction, which us readers often dread so much, we’ll just get right into, so without further adieu we bring to you the ideas!

Ideas Cheap Summer Vacations

  1. Camping – If you are looking to “rough it”, camping is a great vacation idea for any age, whether your vacation is a family vacation, couples getaway or riding solo and looking to become one with nature. Not only is it super cheap to rent a space to pitch a tent, like 10 to 25 dollars a night, you can also cook your own food instead of having to dine (and tip) in restaurants. Using this cheap summer vacation idea can allow you to experience things like national parks, close to the beach campsites, or just plain immersed in nature spots, in which you can pretty much create your own free or cheap itinerary like; fishing, hiking, campfires, meditation, sports games and much more. You will not have to worry about bad whether while being in your tent as it is summer time, and even if you aren’t game to stay in a tent, most all campsites have inexpensive lodges that you can stay in.
  2. Asking – Not matter where you go, ask for the lowest rate! Often times if resorts/hotles are experience low volumes of guests, low rates can be attained, which they will most likely NOT tell you about these deals unless you ask.
  3. Family House Swap – Visiting family is always a possiblity, which will allow you to save money you would have spent on lodging, but if this doesn’t sit well, you can consider swapping houses with a family member or even friend. Cheap summer vacations can also result from offering to house sit for them when they go on vacation. You can also consider taking the training to your location if it would be cheaper than flying or driving, which train rides are both fun as well as stress free as you don’t have to drive!
  4. Staycations – Cheap summer vacations can also be obtained if you are willing to consider a day trip, you can stay near your home and visit popular local spots, like baseball stadiums or even minor league games which are cheaper, checking out a concert, renting bikes to ride by the beach or mountain biking, a local lake to maybe rent jet skiis or go waterskiing, visit a zoo, museums, go carting, waterslides and themparks. If you are traveling a couple of hours away, you can even consider staying in a hostel for the night which prices can seriously range as low as 10 dollars a night!
  5. Have Your Friend Host – If you have a group of friends that live in different states or even nice places in your state, you can talk about hosting vacations for each other each year, which each person takes a turn.
  6. Cheap summer vacations also come from finding a location that has either continental meals and/or all inclusive.
  7. If you are traveling with a large group of people, you can consider renting a large truck or van or even an RV.
  8. Cheap summer vacations can also come from going to Las Vegas which room prices are low as they hope you spend (lose) your money at the casinos, in which if you can avoid the casinos, you can hit the sites which Vegas has award winning shows, museum exibits, awesome restaurants and even a roller coaster and a human sling shot on top of the 855 foot tall Stratosphere! Another great cheap vacation spot is Destin Florida, which offers lower prices compared to the more popular Florida cities, but still provides the epic Florida vacation experience.
  9. Last but not least, if you are looking to travel out of the country for your cheap summer vacation, go somewhere where the US dollar is worth more than the currency that is used in your vacation locations.
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