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Cheap Miami Vacations For Both Lodging & Vacation Activities

January 26, 2012

Cheap Miami Vacations

Cheap Miami Vacations

If you are heading out to Florida, but short on the cashflow, no worries as there are cheap Miami vacations methods that you can use to save big on your getaway! Not only can you save big, but you will be doing so in one of the most famous US cities, not to mention one of the most romantic if you are looking to getaway with your significant other. You will be surrouned by a myriad of fund things to do like, the Miami Seaquarium, Coconut Grove, Zoo Miami, the Everglades swamps, South Beach, both a parrot and monkey jungle, and of course the famous South Beach offering great nightlife and enterainment. If you are ready to enjoy all that Miami has to offer but do it on a budget, than read our list of discount Miami vacations ideas.

Cheap Miami Vacation Methods

Lets face it, not everyone has a buddy that lives in Miami that they can house sit for, which if you do, by all means call him/her up now! But if you don’t cheap Miami vacations can also be obtained by using one or more of the following methods below.

  • Hostels – Okay now before you move onto the next method, consider that hostels can actually put you right near the beach for about 10 percent of the cost that a resort would charge. For example, lets take the Deco Walk Hostel, which is located on Ocean Drive, literally steps away from the beach, which you can have for as low as $18 a night per person, talk about a cheap Miami vacacation! Or you can stay at the South Beach Hostel, putting you in the middle of all the action for as little as $20 a night. These places can even come with things like pools and hot tubs, free internet access as well as complimentary breakfast.
  • Camping – Did you know that you can camp at the Miami Everglads Campgrounds in a cabin for $49, or if you are traveling in a bigger group, a 2 bedroom cabin can be rented for $109 a night, where there are bbq’s where you can cook some or all of your meals  The campground also offers a daily list of activities which can include; bean bag baseball, movie nights, happy hour, sports games and classes, bingo, horseshoe, yoga, ping pong as well as dancing and music. Not to mention that you are immersed in the lush tropical everglades, where one of the most unique ecosystems lives, which you can take nature walks through as well as visit one of the many National Parks, hikes and trails, canoeing and so much more.
  • B & B’s – Bed and breakfast spots can offer both lower prices as well as a relexing and quaint environment that allows you to really relax and enjoy yourself. A great bed and breakfast in Miami is the Miami Guest House where you can get rates as low as $40 to $90 a night, which the price includes your breakfast (obviously!).
  • Cheap Miami vacations can also result from booking with a travel agency who can bring deals on all aspects of your trip, as travel agent are very networked with resorts and hotels as well as all the tourist activities in the most travel popular cities.

Cheap or Free Things To Do In Miami

To make your cheap Miami vacation even cheaper, there are awesome things to do in Miami that one can partake in for cheap or even free when hangin out on the tropical beaches gets old like:

  • Miami Art Museum which offers free admission on every single Sunday as well as the Second Saturday of each month.
  • There are also free movies showing all throughout the year at Soundscape.
  • For the kids, the Miami Science Museum offers free star shows on the first Friday of every month, also known as the Wintraub Observatory Star Show.\
  • Visiting Free Gardens Miami can allow you to enjoy free admission to some of the most vibrant lush gardens in the country.
  • Free live jazz concerts can be enjoyed on the last Friday of each month at MOCA.
  • Surf lessons can make your cheap Miami vacation super fun, where you can learn a new skill for very cheap!