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10 Cheap Family Vacations Ideas

November 15, 2011

Cheap Family Vacations

Cheap Family Vacations

If you are looking for cheap family vacations, we have you covered, as below you will find a long list of things that are both cheap as well as incredibly fun that will allow you to spend quality time with your loved ones as well as not break that bank doing so.

  • Camping – Camping is no doubt one of the cheapest family vacation ideas, as you can rent a camping space at a camp ground of as little as 30 dollars a night or less, as well as cook your own food which will allow you to avoid having to dine out for each meal.
  • Cruises – Taking a cruise is another viable option to consider when searching for cheap family vacations. This may sound absurd, but you can actually get cruises packages that can be found as low as 70 dollars a night per person, or lower. Now not only does this include lodging and onboard activity, it also includes food if you find a cruise line that has buffet style eating included.
  • Bonus Points – Keep track of your bonus points on credit cards, and use all of your purchases with the card or cards that have the rewards program. By using the card more and more, your points will add up and you can end up getting a free family vacation.
  • All Inclusive – By all means possible, find a package that is all inclusive when search for cheap vacations for your family. These packages and include; airfare, lodging, food, transportation, entertainment and much more. You should also consider using a traveling agent as they can make your all inclusive trip much cheaper.
  • Stay Local aka “Staycations” – You can also consider doing a local tour and checking out your city. This can be more of a short term vacation, but it can consist of spending the night in a hotel amongst where the tour is, offering the vacation feel. This can also include spending the night at a beach motel and doing late night bonfires and s’mores. You can also try searching for “favorite attractions” in your city or state through a Google search, which you can get ideas of local cheap family vacations.
  • Swap WIth A Friend – If you happen to have a friend or family member that is located in another state or city, you can consider swapping with them, or even telling them you will “house sit” for them when they are gone, enabling you to not have to pay for hotel or resort fees. There are also many companies that will arrange a swap between families, or if your gutsy, you can go on Craigslist and click on the “housing swap” link under “housing”.
  • Stay Near The Tourist City – Tourist cities will always jack up their prices on nightly fees, but you can still enjoy the tourist city without having to pay an arm and a leg by staying somewhere near by where fees are lower. This also includes staying in a hotel and avoiding resorts.
  • Train Travel – Another resource that can make your family vacation cheaper is to travel by train like Amtrak, which can allow you to sit back and not have to worry about driving, as well as avoids having to pay for high gas prices. A little tip for even cheaper Amtrak tickets is to buy them off of Ebay.
  • Travel Clubs – Using travel clubs can result in discounted family vacations, especially for those who are willing to book last minute.
  • Quality Time Travel – If you happen to be a single mother or father, this company is dedicated to find you the cheapest family vacations possible as they know being a single parent is often a struggle financially.