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How To Get Cheap European Vacations

November 28, 2011

Cheap European Vacations

Cheap European Vacations

Since you came here to find information on how to get cheap European vacations, we are not going to offer you a boring intro, instead we are going to get right into, as below are a myriad of tips that you can use starting right after your done reading, that will get you the same vacation at a highly discounted price! One thing to keep in mind though, flexibility and time will be your two main factors that will result in cheap European vacations.

  1. Airfare – Being flexible with when you want to travel on a plan will result in excellent prices. If you are flexible with the agents at the airline you are dealing with, and are willing to settle with the less optimal time of flight, possibly a red eye, then you can start your entire trip off by savings a lot of money, money which you can use when you get to Europe, instead of throwing it out of the plane window. A good tip to follow is to fly to your destination in the middle of the week as well as fly back in the middle of the week, like Tuesdays or Wednsdays.
  2. Lodging – You can consider staying in hostels during your stay which always make European vacations cheaper, especially if you are looking to travel to Europe during peak seasons, and can as low as 20 dollars per night, if not lower. If you travel in the off season, you can actually find great prices at both half board and full board hotels which can be found for as low as 40 dollars per night.
  3. Bring The Clan – Bringing multiple people and even more important booking with multiple people at the same time always offers cheap European vacations, both for things like flights and lodging along with many other aspects of your getaway, and it’s just plain more fun when you with your clan.
  4. Cruise Europe – Cruise ships offer an excellent option to consider when looking for cheap European vacations, as you can hop aboard a cruise ship and get a room that costs you under 100 a night or less, which can include food as most all ships have buffet style eating. They also are affiliated with tours that are offered off the boat when you get there, meaning more great deals for you. If you happen to be close to a departure port that is leaving for Europe, this will save you a lot of money in airfare or gas. You can also make your European vacation cheaper through this method by booking either early which cruise lines love, or by booking late when you can take advantage of desperate cruise lines who are looking to fill empty cabins before they depart. Royal Carribean Cruise Lines offers cheap European vacation cruises, and have their “Best Price GAURANTEED” statement, where if you find a lower price within the 48 hours after booking your cruise with them, they will either knock the price down to the lower price that you found, or refund the difference in the form of “on board” credit which is equal to “110% of the price difference”.
  5. Get A Guide Book – Throwing down a few dollars for a guide book can mean that you can be your own tour guide, instead of having to pay for one, which cna make your European vacation cost less.

Cheapest Locations For Cheap European Vacations

  • Thailand – Did you know that you can get a place on the beach in Thailand that runs you as low as 20 dollars a night?! Or you can go big with one of their 5 star resorts, and be immersed in luxury and a non luxury price where finding a 5 star resort for under 200 is very easy to do. Thailand has incredibly beautiful scenary, vibrant turqouise blue waters, sugary white sandy beaches and more where you can indulge in activities such as nature hikes, rides on elephants, ancient sites like kingdoms and temples, sail boating, scuba diving and more, making it an ideal spot for any age.
  • Praque – Another great location to consider when looking for cheap European vacation spots, where you can get hostels for as low as 20 dollars per night all while be surrounded by epic statues of gargoyles, saints and gods among much more. There are plent of free activities that you can do while in Prague, some of which include; art at the Museum of Decorative Arts or the National Gallery, The Museum of Music, tours of the Praque Museum or fish at Bell Cow Lake known for it’s excellent bass fishing. Those who are looking to be truly tranformed into a place that looks like they are still in the Medevil times, Praque is an excellent place for you, a place that truly reaks history.