5 Easy and Cheap Vacations For Couples in the USA

November 16, 2012

Cheap Vacations For Couples in the USAIf you are looking to get away from it all and set off for a romantic vacation filled with wonderful memories, but are worried about if you can afford it? Well not to worry, as we have compiled a list of different types of cheap vacations for couples as well as how to save even more on these vacation ideas!

Use us as your personal guide to finding cheap vacations for you and your significant other, ideas that will allow you to get away from the turmoil and get some much needed stress relief, all while doing it at a much lower costs than the average vacation.

Cheap Vacations For Couples Looking to Cruise

Cruises can yeild cheap vacations if you book them at the right time, combined with the fact that there are so many different cruise companies out there that all competing for your business. By avoiding holiday months and especially spring break times mainly during April, it can yeild a vacation that at many times costs lower than 100 dollars a day per person, and can even go as low as $40 and offer have meaning lower food costs, all while have romantic ocean views as far as the eye can see as well as stunning sunsets each night.

Great Cruise Lines That Offer Couples Cheap Vacations:

Norwegian Cruise Line
Celebrity Cruise Line
Disney Cruise Line

How To Save Even More On Cruises:

Visit cheapcruises.com which is the biggest website around dedicated to finding the cheapest cruises available. They also have a section called “romantic cruises” which is located at the bottom of their home page amongst the other cruise categories.

Book early, or book late. Booking early always yields discounts so if possible book 6 months or more in advance. For the people who like to do things last minute, this trait can definitely come in handy on your pursuit for cheap vacations for couples in the USA, as cruise companies do whatever it takes to get the cabins filled before they launch from there ports, meaning you can bargain and get great deals.

Book a cruise that is launching out of a port that is close by to where you reside. By doing this you will save money in gas or the cost of flying to a distant port. By all means try to avoid the “all inclusive flying option” as this has been shown to be much more expensive, multiple layovers and connections, as well as the fact that cruise ships will not wait for you if your plane happens to be running late. If you do fly, book to land on the day of the cruise so that you do not have to pay for a hotel.

Book a windowless cabin, as you will barely be spending anytime in your room other than to sleep, and these rooms are always at the bottom of the priceline.

Inquire about discounts on the phone. Certain careers as well as people who are either active or served in the military among many more get deep discounts.

Get “soda stickers”. These great creations allow one to pay a lump sum, around 20 to 30 dollars which allows them to have unlimited drinks, which one alone can run you as high as 4 dollars.

If you book with a travel agent, have them tell the cruise company you are a VIP which can mean discounts and upgrades.

Cheap Vacations For Couples in the USA Who Want To Camp

If you happen to be the outdoors type, camping can offer another great option when looking for cheap vacations for couples as well as offering many activities like hiking, fishing, boating, meditation amongst lush green forestry and more.ÊThese vacations can provide on with the privacy of being out in the wilderness as well as romantic evenings by the campfire under the stars, as well as for the pet lovers, furry ones are by all means accepted and also means you don’t have to pay for a pet sitter! Many of these campgrounds offer cabins as well as tent sites so you have options when it comes to your living environment.

If you want to get a feel for what is out there as far as good campsites to use on your trip, visit: Tripleblaze.com which offers the top 100 camp sites in the US as well as allows you to click on each site and get a full fledged description as well as activities, guidebooks and even directions.

Tips For Saving Money On Camping Trips

Scour your house first before buying the things you need for camping. If you happen to need equipment, avoid big department stores, and use online resources like ebay.com, or if you are looking for more a local resource, craigslist.com is your go to site. If your choose to buy new, avoid buying in the off season at all costs! Other options to make your couples vacation cheaper when it comes to equipment is renting it or borrowing from a friend or family member.

Bring your own food. By buying food before hand, you will not run out of food and have to resort to paying higher costs at a restaurant.

Staying in a tent will avoid having to pay for cabin fees, as tent sites cost much less. This will also provide adventure as well as a more intimate. If you live near a campground in which you think would be a good getaway for you and your other half, then staying local can be another great way to save money.

Call your specific department of parks and recreation or one near where you intend to stay on and ask them if there are any deals or discounts. Try your best to pick a park that has different activities included in their pricing. Many campgrounds offer anything from biking and hiking to centers for education and museums among much more. This will allow you to enjoy the campsite and its activities instead of going to off site attractions and spending money.

Packing light will also help your gas get a lot better gas mileage, so only pack the essentials when preparing for this cheap vacation for couples option.

NOTE: If you choose the camping option when looking for cheap vacations for couples, check the weather forecast, and go at a time where rain is nowhere to be found, as rain will not only dampen the spirits, but take the romantic out of “romantic vacation”.

All Inclusive Cheap Vacations

All inclusive vacation packages allow one to know pretty close to what they will be speding on the entirety of their trip, enabling them to save up enough money and not have to worry about other charges and hidden fees among others. If you are interested in cheap vacations with your boyfriend or girlfriend or spose, all inclusive resorts can be another viable option. A couple of great resorts as listed below as well as how to save even more on your all include couples getaway.

For those looking to use this cheap vacations for couples idea, you can visit this site: Discount-All-Inclusive.com which is one of the best sites out there that offers cheap all inclusive vacations packages and discounts.

Ways To Save On All Inclusive Vacations

Go in the off season, as it is virtually impossible to get deals on vacations in seasons people are traveling most. Depending on where you intend to go, the best thing would be to do research on what the off season months are in the place where you are looking to visit.

If you can’t find a place that includes all meals included, search for a resort or hotel that has a full size kitchen so you can cook in, which can be both romantic and cost effective. If you are looking to get out and explore alot on your vacation via motor transportation, make sure to get your traveling costs included in your cheap vacations for couples package. This way you can avoid paying for the high gas prices as well as not have to pay for renting a car
Compile a list of your favorite activities and break the list down into the top 5 things you want to do. This method will allow you to know exactly what you want to book as activities on your trip and won’t leave you picking a bunch that you may not ultimately even use.

Search for online coupons that are for the resort that you are looking to stay at. Book your couples vacation way in advance. You can also book your vacation in a town that is right next to the town you ultimately want to spend your time at. This can save your from paying higher costs for a tourist resort.

Other Cheap Ideas For Vacationing Couples

Planning a local tour, or be a tourist in your own town. This is another viable option to consider when searching for cheap vacations for couples ideas, especially if you are new to the city or live in a city with many major attractions. This will save in flight costs and can find cheap motels in the area. This can include checking out museums, sports games, different restaurants and much more.

Renting vacation home that is owned by a friend or family. Going on a road trip where you could stay at the houses of friends and family. You can tell them that by no means do they need to be your guide of their city, and you can go out and explore the town and it surroundings.

A great cheap vacation is Myrtle Beach, SC. It’s a great vacation spot for couples. You can find cheap accommodations at avistaresort.com.

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